Topic: What Wii Games Are You Playing On Wii U?

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I'm putting a stop to this argument because it is irrelevant to the original topic. If you wish to continue this discussion, please do so in a more appropriate thread -Lz

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Ok everyone, let's get back to the topic at hand here before I have to step in with more drastic measures. Please and thank you.

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I still play all of my Wii games on my Wii, haven't played any of them on my Wii U.

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Right now just some VC games like Mario Kart 64 that aren't on the Wii U VC yet. Other than that I am not really playing to many Wii games.

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Oh yeah Zelda Twilight Princess! Am so back in to that.....can't wait for the next Zelda game.



iv been debating on picking up Donkey Kong Country before the next release, i want to play it but im a bit 2d platformed out atm

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