Topic: What previous tracks would you like to see in the eventual Mario Kart U?

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My number one pick is without a doubt Grumble Volcano from MKW. It was/is my favorite track in that game. Also I'd like to see Piranha Plant Pipeway/Slide from MK7, my fave from that installment. What tracks would you like to see return in the eventual Mario Kart for Wii U?

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One of the Ghost Levels
That one where you're on clouds
Neo Bowser City
Dino Dino Jungle
DK Jungle
Rainbow Road

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All I would like to see are most of the tracks from Mario Kart 64. I just don't like many of the newer tracks as much.

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Bowser's Castle (Wii)
Donut Plains 4 (SNES)
Wario Colosseum (GCN)
Toad's Turnpike (N64)
Rainbow Road (N64)
Sky Garden 2 (GBA)
Daisy Circuit (Wii)
Moonview Highway (Wii)
Mushroom City (GCN)
Royal Raceway (N64)
Vanilla Lake 2 (SNES)
Wario's Shipyard
Music Park
Piranha Plant Pipeway
Maka Wuhu

I would love to see Baby Park one more time.



N64 - Royal Raceway
GBA - Ribbon Road
GCN - Mushroom City
DS - Wario Stadium
Wii - Toad Factory
3DS - DK Jungle



Retro Rainbow Road Race: a cup where you race on all previous rainbow roads and the new one as the final course

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All of them. No I mean it. Every last one (Except the the Mario GP Arcade tracks)



pretty much anything and everything from Double Dash, such great course design that the almighty 'All Cup Tour' seldom had a low point. hell, just give us a Double Dash 2 or Double Dash HD and with traditional drift mechanics reintroduced. favourites:

Dino Dino Jungle
DK Mountain
Yoshi's Circuit
Daisy Cruiser
Bowsers Castle
Baby Park (just for the lolz)



Kyloctopus wrote:

Bowzer's Castle GCN is all I need.

you have fine taste sir.



I just hope they add more Battle Mode arenas and make that mode fun to play again. The battle modes in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 were so boring. Make it 8 players max. Bring back the Mario Kart 64 "3 strikes and you're a bomb" style and the modes from Double Dash. Coin Runners sucks and will always suck.

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They should have the very slightly different version of a track that was remade in another game, just to mess with people.

But seriously, all I need is some Vanilla Lake and Wario Colosseum.

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yeh double dash 2 tottally. That would be awesome.



What I'd like to see:

  • Cheese Land (GBA)
  • Ribbion Road (GBA)
  • Sherbet Land (GC)
  • Mushroom City (GC) - This course would look beautiful in HD.
  • Tick Clock Clock (DS)
  • DK Summit/DK's Snowboard Cross (Wii)
  • Grumble Volcano (Wii) - This would be perfect for a Lightning Cup course instead of a Bowser's Castle.
  • Piranha Plant Slide/Piranha Plant Pipeway (3DS)
  • Music Park/Melody Motorway (3DS)
  • Neo Bowser City/Koopa City (3DS) - Same as with Grumble Volcano.

What I'm guessing will be on Mario Kart Wii U:

  • Mario Circuit 4 (SNES) - 1, 2, and 3 were featured in DS, Wii, and 7.
  • Royal Raceway (N64) - Mario Raceway was on Wii and Luigi Raceway was on 3DS.
  • Rainbow Road (N64) - I think they're going to do the Rainbow Roads in order.
  • Lakeside Park (GBA) - It's the only GBA Mushroom Cup course to not yet be a retro course.
  • Bowser Castle 4 (GBA) - Same reason as with Mario Circuit 4 (SNES).
  • Dry Dry Desert (GC) - It's the only GC Mushroom Cup course to not yet be a retro course.
  • Wario Coliseum (GC) - There hasn't been any Wario themed retro courses yet, and the 64 Wario Stadium would be better for a handheld MK.
  • Wuhu Loop (3DS) - Nintendo's probably going to get all of the Wuhu stuff out of the way on this one while their "Wii" brand is still going on.
  • Maka Wuhu/Wuhu Mountain Loop (3DS) - Same as with Wuhu Loop
  • DK Jungle (3DS)

I'd also like to see a Waluigi Pinball 2 as a new course on Mario Kart Wii U, because Waluigi Pinball's appearances were only on handheld Mario Kart games.

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btw i think the return of certain tracks to any new MK release is far less important than a return to the drift mechanics from MK64/MKDD/MKDS. i understand nintendo don't want kids complaining about 'snaking' but this was never an issue before the game went online. if nintendo could release an online capable version of Double Dash, either a straight HD upgrade or otherwise, it'd be fantastic. 8 player all cup tours! maybe a downloadable service exclusive.

then they can do their MK-U or whatever for retail with neutered drifting that kids and most other people will love.



I'd really like to see the Wario Colosseum from Double Dash make a return.



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