Topic: What ports are on the back of Wii U

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From what I can see there is a port for a sensor bar, video cable hookup (for composite, s-video, or component?) and the yellow one is for e AC power right? Then theres an hdmi. Thats it right? I dont see an Ethernet for a direct hardwired connection to my router. So I am assuming the internet features will all be wireless only.



You are correct that the Wii U has no ethernet port, but you can still connect it to a wired connection using a Wii LAN Adapter which plugs into a USB port (of which there are 4: 2 on the front and 2 on the back). You can find the LAN adapter here:

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Awesome, but I have a wireless router. I just like the option of an ethernet port, as wireless isnt quite as stable for online gaming.



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