Topic: What Pokemon Wii U spinoff games would you like to see?

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Now that the Wii U is out, and Pokemon Gen. 6 seems to be on the horizon:

What Pokemon spinoff games would you like to see released for the Wii U?

I would love a sequel of some kind to Pokemon Snap, the GamePad is ideal for it. I also would like to see something along the lines of the Stadium games.

...and perhaps a Pikachu game that isn't terrible.

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Pokemon Snap is the only spin-off console game that I have found interesting.

But I'd be happy if they came up with a whole new spin-off that is interesting and uses the Wii U in an interesting way. (Preferably not the mini game collection that we are almost definitely actually getting)



I'd like the revival of Meowth's Party!
Just kidding. Anyways, I'd be curious to see what a new Snap would be like (since everybody seems to want that). It would also be interesting to see a new Pokemon spinoff as well.

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They should try My Pokemon Ranch again but with compatibility with the upcoming Pokemon X and Y,plus all of the DS games.It just needs better graphics and more modes and stuff.

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Pokemon Kart would be nice

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I thought PokePark Wii had a good idea, but just fell flat in execution. I'd love to see a more improved concept of something like that for the Wii U. Perhaps with like an online-multiplayer aspect?

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Pokemon Snap 2 sounds awesome.

I'd also like something like Colosseum, except actually living up to potential.

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Machamp_King wrote:

Pokemon Kart would be nice

Oh my gosh I have never thought of this, I agree that would be pretty sweet.

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Revive the Pokemon Stadium Series!

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Pokemon Channel Adventure... Haha. Just kidding. I'm sure a another Pokemon Ranch will show up as your 'box' for the new 3DS games, or a new Pokemon Stadium type game for the Wii U. I don't really see any games not being able to be linked to the 3DS ones anytime soon for Wii U, so spinoffs are kinda out I for a while I think.


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Pokemon Typing Adventure 2 The Cursed Tablet

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A Gen 6 equivalent to Pokemon Stadium. Ideally with many of the same features as the original two Pokemon Stadium titles like the mini games, cups, gym leader castle, game boy... wait no, 3DS player, etc.

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Just kidding.

No idea though.



Of course everyone says Snap 2, and I agree.

If I want to go with less obvious choices though, a true Pokemon Stadium 3 would be pretty sweet (Colosseum, XD, and Battle Revolution are hardly what the Stadium games were).

As for spinoffs that don't already exist... well, I always thought a 2D fighter (similar to Street Fighter) (with hundreds of playable 'mons) would be interesting, albeit quite unlikely.

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I don't think there will be a pokemon snap sequel and there is a fighting game like that it's called pokemon mmo it is cool. It is not an official game though. I also like the poke kart idea.

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Pokemon Snap 2, Pokemon Pinball 3, Pokemon Stadium 3, Pokemon Conquest 2, and Pokemon Rumble 3 if they can use the X and Y 3D models.



Good ones.
Every home console spinoff after Generation III sucked, in my opinion.
Pokémon Stadium 3 and Pokémon Snap 2 would be great.

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