Topic: What is your favorite Wii-U feature?

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I'm a big fan of sleek and compact, and backwards compatibility. Wii-U is both. To choose one, the backwards compatibility has more value than it's cosmetics. So, that would be my favorite feature.

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Good question.

But I'm going to have to think about it.

That not so good.




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The amazing accuracy of the gamepad! The first time I played Nintendo Land and I moved the gamepad in the hub I almost exploded because of excitement

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I would have to say the off tv play feature. Its nice not having to fight over the TV or have to miss something when I want to get that one last round in Injustice.

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Close tie between Off-TV Play and MiiVerse. MiiVerse when it's actually used in-game, Off-TV Play otherwise.

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Miiverse, though I wish my friends posted in it more. Maybe once some more games come out they will...

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I once played a solid 2hrs of ACIII on the Gamepad because the TV wasn't available.

I'm still surprised that the experience was fine.

There's real value in off-tv. Game time is like gold dust to me, so anything that creates more is a great thing.

I can't think of anything else.



Pulling the plug. MiiVerse second.



^ Pulling the plug...good one



Had to do that a few times.



Wii Street U. I love doing something that I've been able to do on a PC for years.

Seriously though, I'd probably say Off TV play. It's very handy if you just want to play in bed before sleeping or if someone else has to use the main screen.

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Hmm, I like the overall idea of Miiverse although I think there are plenty of improvements that can be made. But that concept of a integrated community within the console is great. Although I believe the somewhat limited screenshot-sharing functionality should be improved with more options and perhaps videos. I know Nintendo are working on Miiverse updates all the time, of course. Hmm.. Also I would like to see the games that we got listed on our profile-page. But yeah, Miiverse I think is the greatest thing about it as a whole, or it could be.

Otherwise.. the gamepad, of course. I like that it basically gets tons of extra buttons and/or easy access to inventory and especially map. I love that. I dont really like the gimmick-puzzles based around the pad like the ones in ZombiU (finger-bash on a board!!!), im more hoping for more games to approach the inventory/map function.

Off-Tv Play is also a lot more convinient that one initially could imagine. You get a lot closer to the game experience when having the screen some inches from your face, hehe. The internetbrowser is also problably the best browser i have experienced on any platform, including PCs.

Oh well, that went a little bit more then just one : d



Miiverse or Off Tv Play.

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Off-TV Play and playng with two screens like a DS


The switch I'm about to install so I can turn the &@&$ gamepad off without the console going off!



The controller is so far the only good thing about it. Controls my TV, can play without using TV.

Everything else has been average or worse than old consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. It has less online features, graphics seem the same(maybe a tiny bit better but only in a couple games) as those old consoles so far, very few good games so far. Loading is still way too slow. Just to do basic things that old consoles do, it takes forever here on Wii U.

But, the controller is awesome!!!! Now they just need to make more good games, add more features and clean up the UI/system so that we can find friends faster, do things faster with less loading and menus.



skywake wrote:

Close tie between Off-TV Play and MiiVerse. MiiVerse when it's actually used in-game, Off-TV Play otherwise.

I would add in the amazing eShop but that is mostly due to the games available which you didn't want included in this list.

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^ e-shop is a feature, and that's fair. Games themselves are too obvious and easy.

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