Topic: What Is Your Favorite Piece Of Gaming Hardware That You Have Ever Owned?

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Gameboy Color, all of the content of the GameBoy and some with a better screen and half the battery usage. Donkey Kong Land, Pokemon all the way through to Crystal, Mario Tennis, Tetris, Dr Mario, Super Mario Land, Wario Land. Plus great games I missed out on like Link's Awakening and Kirby.

I'd argue that the DS Lite is the nicest piece of hardware but I don't think the DS' library is quite as memorable.

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I had a very small library of games on my GBC but 1 game I will never forget was exclusive to that system, I played that game from the day I got my GBC to the day I got a DS (which was not able to play GBC games. That game is Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors. It may not be a top 5 game of mine, it may be a licensed title but that game sucked me in and never let me go. I still have my original copy of it and play it every now and then on a used GBA SP I bought. So favorite hardware was GBC because it gave me that awesome game. Plus it had some amazingly ridiculous attachments that I just had to have because I was a kid lol.

After that I would say Wii. With the virtual console and unique controls not only did it have some of the best experiences ever it also let me play classics I missed or didn't know about.

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The GameCube. Metroid Prime is my favorite game of all time. So many great releases. The GameCube truly got me into gaming.



Nintendo 64 (maybe sony ps2 as well)



If I forcibly had to pick one it would be the Amstrad CPC, my introduction to gaming at the age of two. But really I value all consoles, handhelds, and PCs I've owned dearly for the introductions to new eras of gaming.

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Easily the Gamecube, DS, 3DS and GBA! such a great library.

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Hands down the SNES. The sheer number of utterly fantastic games available for that system was mindblowing. To this day it still the reigning system for RPGs. Not to mention Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid, all of which individually would be in a list of the greatest games of all time. I still consider the SNES era the golden era for Nintendo. While I loved my N64 and it also had a number of utterly fantastic games, they weren't quite as numerous as the SNES.

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The SNES comes in at a close second, but I'd have to put PS2 at the top (both had utterly fantastic games, but SNES was mostly a solitary experience for me, while I had a lot of fun times with friends on PS2, so that edges it ahead).


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PC Engine set (PCE CDROM, PCE GT). Great console for its time.

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It's a PC for me, I have been playing games on my PC since the I was 5 and while I had consoles on the way, I always went back to my PC.

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Dreamcast. Small library but mostly all good games and the last console to provide that arcade feel.

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The old SEGA & AMIGA days... Everything after that has been highly mediocre



My favorite piece of hardware is the SNES and I'm thankful that I kept it even though I got a Playstation 6 years later. I did so many chores and sold so many of my things to buy it when I was 10. I have greatly increased my library of games since then and it is the last console I would ever get rid of.

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It has to be my n64
Such memories


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Wii U even if it is miles behind in the game quantity/quality stakes. 1500 hours of gaming in 2013 was miles better than a girlfriend.

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My beloved Sega Dreamcast



Cesco wrote:

My beloved Sega Dreamcast

Agreed. For only being around 3 years, the number of amazing games (and variety) was really unmatched. After that I would say the DS.

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