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Hey everyone, remember the old "Player's Choice" Nintendo had on their systems up until DS and Wii came out? Well, what if Nintendo revived it on Wii U? (and bought it to 3DS as well?) Microsoft and Sony have Platinum Hits and Greatest Hits, which is something that's been really helpful to me. The Nintendo Selects thing was a good idea, but it should have come earlier and had more games. So, why doesn't Nintendo bring back Player's Choice Wii U? For one I like the name better than Nintendo Selects, and if they were going to have 3rd party games in that line they shouldn't call it Nintendo Selects. Also, Player's Choice had more consistent releases like Platinum Hits/Greatest Hits. What do you guys think?

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I don't care what it's called, as long as there is a constant stream of releases, I would be happy.


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I honestly don't care about Greatest hits. I just want the friggin game!

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Isn't that nintendo selects?..


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shingi_70 wrote:

Isn't that nintendo selects?..

Yep. Just a different name for the same budget line.

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It would be reminiscent of the old Nintendo platforms and mind-set if you will including (90's old Nintendo Power articles), thus creating a sense that we have to enjoy or be some ... way.

I'd ask for slim-pak style case, super noticeable colour and design, and extra content like history timeline, behind the scenes, guides, codes, just to even have the player's who have the original want the "cheaper" version of the game.

See, we can make that Player's Choice actually mean more than quantity!
AMazing eh!

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You know,Player's Choice actually DOES mean more than quantity!

In the United States and Europe, Nintendo introduced the label in 1996 as Player's Choice for both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy to distinguish titles that have sold over one million copies. Current recommended retail prices are £19.99 in the United Kingdom, USD$19.99 in the United States, CDN$29.99 in Canada, AUD$49.95 in Australia and €29.99 throughout the Eurozone. The Player's Choice range concept was copied in the form of the "Greatest Hits" line (known as the Platinum range in PAL regions) on Sony consoles, the "Platinum Hits" (Xbox Classics in Europe) line on the Xbox, and the "Sega All Stars" line on the Dreamcast.

American NTSC Player's Choice games can be identified on the Nintendo 64 by the yellow background of the N64 logo in the upper right corner of the game box. On the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance, games are marked in a yellow box on the top of the case. PAL region Player's Choice games have boxes that are colored silver or platinum with Player's Choice markings on right hand side of a Nintendo 64 box or on the top of a Nintendo GameCube box. Super Nintendo games had the words "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" written in gold (instead of the usual red) on the box, along with a "Player's Choice" seal.

The Player's Choice line was introduced for Nintendo GameCube titles in January 2003.[1] The first titles were Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pikmin, and Luigi's Mansion, and they each retailed for $29.99. Later in the year, when 6 new titles were added, Nintendo split the pricing for different sets of GCN games, so that some titles would enter in or stay at U.S.$29.99 while others would be reduced immediately to U.S.$19.99.[2]

In April 2006, the Player's Choice was applied to Game Boy Advance games and, in the United States, sell for $19.99.[3]

The Player's Choice label was then rebranded Nintendo Selects on May 15, 2011.

Can't wait to see if they bring Nintendo Selects to Wii U and 3DS.

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