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Reala wrote:

What I don't like, no must have games as yet revealed to me anyway, too many ports and unlikely to include a harddrive but think you can at least get one separately from what I understand, what I do like.... I'll get back to you on that one.

so Wind Waker HD qualifies as "ports"
I am sorry to hear you don't think Wonderful 101, New Mario 3D title, Mario Kart U, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. 4, Sonic Lost World, Pikmin 3, and Yoshi's Epic Yarn aren't must have titles, then you aren't ever going to be satisfied.


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Those posts were made a year ago, so not all those games were even announced yet.



I like:
Graphics: I don't consider myself a graphics whore, a good game is a good game, however they add a nice touch.
Gamepad: I like the Wii U game pad. I like the concepts of five-person local multiplayer and asymmetrical gameplay. Also: it has good graphics in its own right.
Wii controllers and devices work: It is nice that Nintendo didn't completely reinvent the wheel here and that the Wii U is compatible with previous accessories.
Games: Although the selection of Wii U games is sparse, that will likely be soon to change. The I have 5 or 6 games so far. So far I love what I have, although nothing else currently out appeals to me at all.

I dislike:
Load times: The load times can be worse at times than was the case with the Wii. This can be pretty obnoxious.
Backwards compatibility: I like that it plays Wii games, however the Wii menu sucks. Implementation of backwards compatibility was rough.
Storage space: I bought myself the Wii U basic because I am a poor college student. I have no big plans to do a bunch of downloading so 8 gigabytes seemed fine for save files... Until Nintendo took up 5 GB with its day one system update... So now I'm looking at possibly needing an external hard drive anyways.
Downloads tied to hardware: This seems kind of backwards to me. I have not purchased anything on e-shop or virtual console, however I will certainly be doing so at some point in the future and do not like that there is no account system in place.
Games: As I mentioned before, there are going to be lots of exciting games coming out for the Wii U. It is just disappointing that it has been such a wait.

Although it may seem like I am leaning towards the negative side, this is not the case. I love my Wii U, and I love Nintendo. Given patience (Nintendo is sure asking for a lot of it from us fans!), lots of exciting things are in store for the Nintendo community.

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yoshisaredragon wrote:

Nitendnut wrote:

What I don't like about Wii U:

I can't play GameCube games (Yeah I know, Gamecube is two consoles backward, but I think it rocked
I won't be able to use my Wavebirds
I don't like that I will have to pay $300 or more for Wii U

What I do like about Wii U:

HD graphics Halieghlieuya!
The U controller
The Wii Backwards compatibility
That Wii U uses regular Wiimotes as controllers
That Wii U won't use that silly sensor bar.

First of all, a new next generation console is a steal for $300, you can't use your Wavebird because that is two generations back, next people are going to be complaining because they can't use their N64 and SNES controllers, and you can't expect a console to play games from two generations back, when other next generation consoles ( Playstation 4 & X- Box One) aren't even playing their previous generation games

yoshisaredragon, N64 games and SNES games are different from GCN titles because they utilize cartridges and not discs. It would not be to hard for Nintendo to have the console be able to read GCN discs. Although I think double backwards compatibility would be a really cool feature, it would add to the Wii U's cost and make it prohibitively expensive. Adding controller ports, and the capability to work with GCN games would make the Wii U cost more (and remove some of its price advantage over PS4 and X-box one).

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Actually it's more difficult than you think. Not all lasers or hardware are the same, which is why backwards compatibility is absent in the PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii mode in the Wii U is a separate system that requires its own OS. Adding Gamecube would require yet another OS in the Wii U and there's not enough room for it.

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I Like:

Internet Browser: Its a great browser. I'd compare it to iPads
Miiverse: Never had people have such a connection to Nintendo games.
Backwards Compatibility: Its not a large quality, but this is the only console that recognizes the last generation.
Graphics: I've noticed some games that look great on Wii U. Yarn Yoshi and Pikmin 3 has to be the best looking to me though.
Off TV Mode: The most convenient mode on Wii U. I have to share a TV every once and a while. Off TV Mode saves the arguing.
Digital Treatment: Plenty of indie games, a deluxe premotion, the exploration of Free to Play titles, along with a great amount of sales, without signing up to a premium subscription of any sort. The Wii U has plenty of reasons to buy from there.

I don't like:

A Lack of Games: Oh the games you can't play. It saddens me, because even the 3DS had third party support in the beginning.
No DLC: All the games that doesn't include all the DLC speaks volumes to me that about every large developer is skeptical about the Wii U.
Warawara Plaza: Mario, Nintendo Land, Youtube, Legend of Zelda, Rayman Legends, and Year of Luigi have all been in the plaza since the launch of its community. I wish the Warawara Plaza was more customizable. Written Posts get cut off if they are long, not including photos in the posts, and not allowing you to yeah the post unless you go to Miiverse loses meaning to Warawara in the first place
Loading Times: They are still long, but not unbearable.

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willobee wrote:

Epic bump is epic! Is this why the server crashed?

just before everything was restored there were only four or five threads under the Wii U section

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  • The Gamepad. It has to be said that im not a fan of gimmicks, but the Gamepad has turned out to be a perfect tool to have in the living room.
    With Off-Tv play, the great (the best there is) internet browser, apps like Netflix and Miiverse i think that the Gamepad in itself stands strongly. Also i think the best use of the Gamepad is to use it for map and inventory. As i said, im not a fan of gimmicks, and the finger-bashing in ZombiU and alike was only lame.. however to be able to get faster access to inventory and a better overview with a map is excellent and i dont think i will be able to play games without it in the future.
  • Nintendo Games. Having spent the last ten years or so with "cinematic" action games from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, EA and Activision it feels great to enjoy a Nintendo-game which is just pure entertainment with focus on the gameplay and not how good the trailer for the game will look (hence, the games eventually is interactive trailers).
  • The hardware. For me, Wii U is a power-package. I dont think that games need to be more beautiful then they already are. Then again, i am that kind of person that still can be amazed over PS1 graphics.. so.
  • Backwardscompatibility. The Wii U is basically the best console ever when it comes to bc. It supports all Wii games and accesories. In a time when both Microsoft and Sony laughs at the very question this is very user friendly. Same with the lack of DRM on the Wii U.


  • eShop/Miiverse. Just the overall-feel of them. They feel very old. Like it was services from the early 2000s.



The Gamepad
Off-Tv play
The graphics
The controls
The games
Internet browser
The eshop design

Don't like:
hearing all the time gloomy news
Nintendo not taking advantage of the technology (NFC and others)
Nintendo not doing any PR
Developers not taking examples from perfect uses of the Gamepad of Zombi U and Arkham City (basically like they did not after RE4)

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