Topic: What Gaming Companies Should Nintendo Convince To Make Games For Wii U

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These are the gaming companies that I think Nintendo should convince to make games for the Wii U, games that might fully use the wide array of features the Wii U offers (or not ), and some games that I think that particular gaming company should port or make.

1)Square Enix
*Kingdom Hearts- it should be an HD version of all the past games, or Kingdom Hearts 3 or it would be even better if both would come out
*Final Fantasy
*Hitman Series- I've read some good reviews about this game and I think it should really have a game for the Wii U and also I haven't really played this game but I would like to play it in the near future (more preferably in a Wii U console if it ever comes out)
*Tomb Raider- I haven't played this for a long time and I am hoping to start playing it again

*Resident Evil- Capcom should either port Resident Evil 6 or make a new game for the Wii U then port the Resident Evil 6
*Devil May Cry- I have not played this game but I also read that this game is great
*Street Fighter-Since there is already a Tekken game a Street Fighter game should appear

*Grand Theft Auto
*Max Payne

*Counter-Strike Global Offensive

5)Arc System Works
*BlazBlue series
*Guilty Gear Series

*Persona Series
*Devil Survivor
*Trauma Center

*Time Crisis
*Ridge Racer
*Soul Caliber

*Silent Hill

These games would make the Wii U pleasing (to me at least) and might also attract the core gamers (and casual gamers) or may drive them away if the game is done half-heartedly.

**If you are wondering why there are no comments for the other games I got a bit lazy doing so XP

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Watch Dogs

If by the end of 2013 we have Watch Dogs and one of Zelda/Mario/Metroid that'd do me. If we can also get something like Bioshock Infinite? They could have nothing else at all and I'd be pretty happy.

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I'd like Gearbox to use their heads for 12 seconds and port Borderlands 2 to the Wii U...

Maybe a GOTY edition with the DLC?

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Capcom, but not for any of the series you listed (not that they wouldn't be nice too).

I just want Power Stone 3 already, darn it.

(Also, Castlevania and Silent Hill are Konami franchises. Just throwing that reminder out there.)

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Every worthwhile FPS should be on Wii U and have pointer controls.

If Bioshock Infinite is announced for Wii U after I get it on 360 I will be so mad and I may force myself to get it if it lives up to the hype on 360.

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TysonQ7 wrote:

I'd like Gearbox to use their heads for 12 seconds and port Borderlands 2 to the Wii U...

Maybe a GOTY edition with the DLC?

That would be like gifting a diabetic kid chocolate. Pointless.

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1. Valve
2. Valve
3. Valve
4. Valve
I would love playing Portal, Tf2, Half-Life, etc... on the Wii U

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Namco Bandai - Because I want a Katamari game on Wii U
Irrational Games - Because I want Bioshock Infinite Wii U
Valve - Because I want Portal 2 on Wii U
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They need all the big third-party hitters, not just Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty. So yeah, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Borderlands, BioShock, Dead Space, Watch Dogs. That seems like a ton to ask, and it is, but I don't see the Wii U taking off as a so-called "hardcore" oriented console without these games.

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I'd request for SEGA, Team Ninja, Platinum Games, Criterion Games, and Double Fine to put some things on the Wii U--but they already have. I expect to see even more from those companies on the Wii U as time goes on. I hope you guys take the time to enjoy them (put NSMBU down once in awhile).

Not much left on my wish list.
If Suda51's Killer is Dead game ends up being good, I'd like to see that ported up to the Wii U.

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Eastern ones

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Ya, the game companies finally have a choice to develop games for Nintendo without even needing convincing, and they still don't. The only problem I can see being an issue, is the UK 'after bedtime' rule. That's just ridiculous, and now I hear that there's no white pro controllers either...


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all the main ones but in particular for me:

capcom- not just streetfighter, resident evil but their other games
sega - sonic, jet grind radio, virtua fighter 5FS or 6, rhythm thief sequel, shenmue (well i can dream), yakuza 6, phantasy star online `2
team ninja - DOA 5



Konami-Metal Gear Solid.

Just do it, I don't care if it's a remake or a port, just do it.

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Valve would be awesome.
Also, Bethesda for the next Elder Scrolls would be great!

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I'd really love to play the next Dragon Age on my Wii U



All of them. More games is better.

Best thread ever
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