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First off, I'm new in this forum, So I hope I'm posting in the right area, My apologizes if I'm not.

Anyways, So after a long week of work, on the weekend, my cousins come over and we order food, watch movies etc etc, We got bored of JUST doing that, so we wanted a source of entertraining, So I bought the Wii U (I already own a ps3, and a ps4) For fun "Multiplayer games", So Far It's been really fun, We bought Nintendo land (Sure it get's boring after a while, but it's still hell-a fun) And New Super Mario Bros, I also got Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, but that one was just for myself .. Anyways, We finished Mario, And now we're looking for a new game to buy, And I'm not sure which game to get next, I would really appreciate if someone would list all (fun/good game) Multiplayer games, that 4 people can play through the story mode and all, For example I have my eyes on The Wonderful 101, it seems fun... Anyways, I would really appreciate a list. Because it's a pain to search for those games online, I usually get " BO2 " and bla bla bla, I don't want these type of games, I want something "Nintendo-ish" If that makes sense .

Thanks in advance .

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It's not Nintendo, but Sonic & All Stars Racing Trasnformed sounds like something you'd enjoy.



1) Super Mario 3D World
2) Rayman Legends (Sure it's not Nintendo, but it's great!)
3) I'm with Peach64 about Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed
4) Trine 2 was fun when I played it with my bro, I think it might appeal to you, have a look at it (It's an indie game from the eShop, not exactly Nintendo-esque, but you should give it some thought)
5) Did you consider pre-ordering Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze?
6) Pikmin 3, you can't play the story mode with other people but it's the multiplayer modes (like that Bingo mode and Challenge mode) are a heck of fun, you can play for hours with it

That's all I can think of. As for W101, get it only if you want to play the story mode, the multiplayer mode didn't really catch either me or my bro's attention, but that's just our opinion.

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There is an existing thread here where you can ask for Wii U game recommendations.

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