Topic: What games do you want to see on the E3 Nintendo Direct?

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Apparently it's going to go for an hour and a half so that's a lot of games they'll also be a separate one for pokemon x and y but I've made this to focus on the long wii u direct I personally want to see more of Monolith Soft's game X I hope that comes out by Christmas also I would like to see what type of RPG Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is going to be! but what games do you want to see?


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I love to see some more of "X". I would like to learn about Sonic Lost World and what the story is. I would like to see some more previews of The Wonderful 101 and MAYBE the title for the "new" 3D Mario game is. I NEED to know what Retro is working on and maybe something about the next Wii U update?

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We already have an e3 thread here for you to discuss possible announcements.

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