Topic: What do you think Nintendo's Next Home Console will be like ?

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My Rough Predictions for Nintendos Next Console Launch:

First Party Launch Titles:

Super Smash Bros 5
A 3D Mario Game
Metroid FPS

First Party Launch Window:
Zelda MMO
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GuSolarFlare wrote:

so not making changes in the OS's base. it could have been easier to understand if you had omitted the hardware part.
and I heard it's their plan to use a similar OS to their different systems for better compatibility...

As for Third Party, its gonna be strong at least initially if they have a Home Console/Handheld Console Hybrid



Third party won't take that chance with nintendo again, no matter how many times nintendo will say were trying to get third party back on our consoles.But better yet who would believe them?

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MAB wrote:

It would be more wise for Nintendo to just throw in the towel and go 3rd party... They have hit the bottom of the Donkey Kong barrel now

That's just stupid, I hope your joking...Lmao "It would be more wise for Nintendo to just throw in the towel and go 3rd Party" Lol


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Who knows!?

I can see the "fusion" theory, combining the portable and console divisions, making a handheld which can also be played on the TV, etc........It provides an opportunity to publish enough software for the said platform, regardless of third party support. However, the drawback is that your throwing all of your eggs in one basket....which is kinda non-Nintendoish.

Which makes me believe that will still develop another console as well as another portable, perhaps linked in someways, but also allowing for profit even if the other happens to tank, the sameway that the GBA kept the funds coming in during the Gamecube era.

Or, I could see another third pillar strategy,......release a new platform, see how it does, and if it catches on, replace one or both of your platforms with it. If not, continue on with the Wii U and 3DS, or perhaps there more conventional replacements.

I do believe for sure that as already said, Nintendo will do a better job of adding accessories, but not making them mandatory. Secondly, they will develope hardware with more appeal among outside parties, and thirdly, focus on a strong first party lineup of games during the launch period.



Just gonna say this: If they make the coding as easy as XNA, I'd make millions of games for them.

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The only thing I dislike about the Fusion idea is that would mean a very expensive handheld system. We all saw what happened to the 3DS when it was $250. We see what happened with the Wii U. Lets combined the two into a $450 console ($450 is a guess at what it would cost) While it could be a great value for the consumer it will be a hard sale. Also how do you divid software? Some software will require your tv and portable system while others will work with only 1. Does that mean (as someone who buys Digital) am I going to have all my games downloaded to a single hard drive and when I am on the go I don't have access to the TV and System games? That make me less likely to download games that require the TV. There are a lot of issues that will come up with the fusion idea. If Nintendo does the fusion idea I will purchase it, but what draw backs will it have?

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I have absolutely no idea what Nintendo is doing beyond what they've already said. It's pretty clear that they're going for a PS4/Vita relationship with their home and handheld consoles, separate devices with unified accounts and similar hardware that allows you to play games on either one. I don't think they would force you to get both, but they might have a bundle deal, say you could get both the console and handheld for around $500 (which would also fit their "discount" system). I don't think the hardware or costs really justify a full fusion, but I think we can definitely expect account based ownership, crossplay, crossbuy, things like that. Hard to say what they'd do with the controller, they might just keep some of the control options they have now. What I think would really be nice is if they could develop a controller that can do everything that the Gamepad, Wii Remote, and Pro Controller can do, but IDK if that would work.

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I think they will go back to trying to compete directly with Sony and Microsoft releasing a powerful console with traditional type of controls. Sticking with bluetooth they could continue to support Wii and Wii U controllers with gamepads as optional. The 3DS successor could also could be functional as a gamepad.

They should launch with some amazing Metroid game that has some appeal to the mature crowd. They should also launch with some amazing family friendly game as well. They should also secure multiplats to launch with them instead of simply ports of year old games.

Really go for the SNES strategy of powerful hardware, 3rd party support, and amazing first party games to boot.



8BitSamurai wrote:

I think it will have Mario!

and Zelda

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Whatever Nintendo does, just stick to one controller please, that works well for everything..........either a traditional controller or a smaller, more ergonomic gamepad.



I know the hardware will evolve - but I don't want it to. The PS4 is stronger than the U, yeah we all know that. But IMO the Wii U is just enough. I don't want the games to be so realistic people cant tell the difference between real life and gaming. It seems absurd, but just look at how much we evolved from the NES days. If someone from then would've seen what we have right now, he would've been so hyped, or not believe it.

Do we really need graphical improvements in future hardware? The Wii shows that even though the hardware was only slightly better than it's predecessor, it was still an amazing console. It sold millions of copies. Not because of the graphics, but because of the huge libary of beautiful games, and of course - the Wiimote. It was pretty revolutionary for it's time. We don't need better graphics to get a better console. We need something that makes it unique. Revolutionary. Like Nintendo always does with their system. And they shall do it again.

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It's true that graphics don't make the game, I still find Yoshi's Island to be superior than 90 percent of what is dropping in the eShop or retail. Regardless, people were saying at the end of the 6th gen (Xbox, GCN, PS2), that we really had no need to move on hardware wise.

However, evolution is mostly a good thing.



Hernandez wrote:

I don't care what they release, as long as it doesn't have a freaking Gamepad again...

Please Nintendo, I'm begging you, let that awful thing die with the Wii U.


Dear Nintendo, Pro and Gamecube controllers only, amen to that.



kereke12 wrote:

MAB wrote:

It would be more wise for Nintendo to just throw in the towel and go 3rd party... They have hit the bottom of the Donkey Kong barrel now

That's just stupid, I hope your joking...Lmao "It would be more wise for Nintendo to just throw in the towel and go 3rd Party" Lol

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I don't think there'll be a new Nintendo console until maybe 5 or 6 years from now.

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It's really hard to say, but I guess you can go ahead and say that it isn't it Nintendo's best interest to compete with Sony, or Microsoft, so forget that. My guess is that it will be slightly faster than their current machines, though. They have already said they are unifying handheld, and console development, so we do know that. They could keep BC in, utilizing the handheld as the gamepad, working with the console displaying to the TV. I don't think they will, though. I think it's going to be something new...I just don't know what their innovation will be next generation.

I don't really care, though, I just like their games. So, it doesn't really matter, as I'll buy it at some point. I just can't take handhelds anymore, sadly. So, I'm kinda glad they are unifying development, as it seems like no matter what they make you will be able to get it on the console, or handheld. That's good news to me, and my eyeballs.

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nintendyagmr wrote:

I don't think there'll be a new Nintendo console until maybe 5 or 6 years from now.

I think we will see another one by either holiday 2016 or holiday 2017......the only reason the 7th gen lasted as long as it did was because of the impact of the 2008 global recession.



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