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Admittedly, I haven't played a whole lot of Star Fox games, but it seems to be a failing franchise. The original and Star Fox 64 from what I can see sold at least twice as well as any other game in the franchise, and dwindling review scores never quite matching up to expectations. I've also spoken to a few of my friends who have played Star Fox games in the past, and they say while the games are fun, the price tag that comes with a full release is too steep for shallow gameplay from that series, and they would all rather see it continue as downloadable-only $10 games. That said, I recently got to play through Star Fox 64 3D a couple of times, which I'm told is the best in the franchise, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. Though it may be because the Star Fox franchise just isn't to my personal taste, I can see where people get the impression that it's a cheap and shallow game, worth only $10 an installment. So what does Nintendo have to change in order to improve the image of this franchise?

The first, and easiest route, would be to start actually designing these things as $10-$15 downloadable games. They could accomplish this be dumbing down the gameplay to retro side-scrolling bullet hell shooter, having the arwing fly up the stage in 2D, rather like Star Soldier.

The second route would offer the same pricing, but gameplay closer to 64, with purely forward focused light gun shooting and the ability to dodge by moving the Arwing. Barrel rolling and somersaulting would be included, but the controller would most likely just be the Wii-Motion Plus as a giant motion joystick.

The third route I can see is pouring in enough innovation and resources to warrant a AAA release and a $60 price tag. Arwings would probably move a little differently than they have before, taking into account how real-world jets actually fly, by altering the function of left/right on the joystick and allowing the craft to fly upside-down. They may even consider making the Arwing a two-seater, with one player controlling flight and forward machine lasers, and the other controlling drop-bombs, a 360 degree turret, flares, and homing missiles.

It could be designed much like a multiplayer FPS, only with mechs instead of foot soldiers.
Arwings would not be the only vehicle choice, and all vehicles available would get a more diverse arsenal.

I'd like to hear from Star Fox fans; what would you like to see in the next installment? Should it make dramatic changes in order to stay relevant, or could it get away with a $60 price tag with the same gameplay it's always done?

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I don't have a ton of ideas of what I'd want but just some basic ideas:
A. A much larger Star Fox 64-like game.
B. Star Fox Command with more advanced strategy-like elements.
C. Whatever Platinum Games wants. Unless they want to turn it into Vanquish 2 or something.

Star Fox 64's appeal is that it is insanely quotable and is one of the finest rail shooters out there and one of the most replayable games out there. I've probably played through the game at least 75 times and not once did I feel bored.

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I read on Destructoid some months ago that either Star Fox's creator or Nintendo were at least open to and seemed the slightest bit enthusiastic about a Star Fox U game.

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I would love to be able to give orders to your team mates on the controller. Similar to how they did things in Rogue Squadron 2 but with more options.

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Radixxs wrote:

1. Barrel rolls
2. Shooting stuff
3. Pretty graphics
4. I'd buy that

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I would like to see:
1) Enhanced graphics
2) Ships with different stats/abilities as in Star Fox Command
3) Fleshed out on-foot/Landmaster gameplay.
4) Multiplayer
5) A (slightly) deeper story, perhaps one that pokes fun at itself.
Any, these would be some things I'd like to see in a SF Wii U game. If they made one, I'd buy it with or without all this stuff, though.

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Not too many U-turns hopefully. Series seems to be at its best when it's on rails.


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The more you play Star Fox 64 (original or 3D), the more the game opens up to you. No, it will never be and should never be as deep as a Zelda game but that is what's so great about it. It is meant to be replayed over and over again. This is to find alternate paths, different story lines, new character involvement, better endings, better your score, etc. Personally, this is one of the only games that keeps me coming back for more. I love the over-the-top dialogue and the chance to better my score or the possibility of taking a completely different route to defeat Andross. And this is all just from the single-player mode. Multiplayer, along with Mario Kart 64, are the two games that my friends and I have lost countless hours playing. If you have not experienced multiplayer with at least two other people than you are missing out on one of the best multiplayer experiences in gaming history, imo. And this is all coming from a true love for this game, not a random fanboy.

But to answer your question more directly, I think downloadable-only games are capable of being anything at this point and if it helps Star Fox regain it's prior glory then so be it. But I am someone that would buy it in whatever form, as long as it is as great as Star Fox 64.

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For it to be actually released.



I've edited the opener to include more visuals and to cut down the wall of text. I'm not saying fox should become human or even that the visual style should be more realistic, but these games happened to have good examples of gameplay-wise where I can see the series going.

Also, I don't hear anyone denying that the franchise is only worth $10 per game at the quality of 64. The way it's been, is a Star Fox game worth $60?



I'm pretty sure I offered up an opposing view to the 64 version only being worth $10. Also, I fully disagree with the "improvements" you have suggested. The gameplay was perfected in Star Fox 64. If anything, make it a longer campaign that way the people that don't take the time to fully appreciate everything packed into a multiple-pathed game will be satiated.

Some of my favorite games:
Ghost Trick, StarFox 64, WarioLand: Shake It, Kid Icarus, The Legendary Starfy, Endless Ocean: Blue World, Zelda: Minish Cap, Pokemon Snap, Diamond Trust of London, Gyromite, Katamari Damacy, EarthBound, Mario Kart 7, and Sonic Generations(PS3).


Erica_Hartmann wrote:

Lemme guess, you're going to ask about F-Zero next. are psychic. I was actually going to give it a few days but yeah, that was indeed my next topic.

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I'd want either an AAA quality game made by a decent company like Retro Studios rather than whoever made the last few games, or the kind of Star Fox 64 like on rails shooter mentioned second in the first post.

Don't think a 2D shooter would work too well for the franchise really, because even the first game was in 3D and it'd seem like a step backwards to change that.

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I for one would love to have a Star Fox game developed by Treasure. They obviously know hot to make an awesome shooter. As for game style, i think someting in the line with Sttar Fox 64 would be great. That seems to be the kind of game everybody wants.



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