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I was just wondering about the Wii U and the direction it seems to be going in. Also the imminent threat of smartphone/tablet gaming taking market share from consoles in general.

Do you guys think someday Nintendo's home console will merge with their handhelds and be one in the same? Just an idea, maybe far fetched, not sure. I kinda like the idea though.

I'm a PC player but I'll always have a spot for Nintendo. I grew up as a child as a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and I still love their games. The Legend of Zelda still gives me the magic feeling I had when I was a kid. :)


Another thread about this guy? I consider him the Michael Pachter of Youtube.
I really hate when people are so confident playing the speculation game.
In order to take over the market, you're going to need a community. All 3 companies still have a large fanbase. Not plenty of people take mobile gaming seriously and thats the flaw to all this. I wouldn't want to play these games on my phone, or one of those controllers. And I doubt my friends who play Xbox, or Wii U all day would either.

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Imo mobile gaming could never compare to consoles. I hope Nintendo never decide to hop on the mobile bandwagon.


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i do believe merging the handhold and home consoles could be good. i mean were aleady half there with the wii u. it would be good if the gamepad was a big 3ds you could just grab off the charging cradle on your way out. then use it as a controller with second screen at home.

put it on.


I think hadheld and console gameing will merge in some aspects, but ultimately always remain separate. One reason is that some experiences are physically impossible on a mobile device, like Wii Sports for example. Also, one can say that handheld hardware will get better overtime, but so will dedicated stationary hardware. Stationary hardware, with it's greater size and ability to cool, will always be more advanced than compressed mobile hardware.

I think we're in a phase where the home consoles have aged and people have forgotten just how much more advanced they are. As the next generation really gets rolling, I think a lot of this talk will fade.

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I do believe that the Wiiu and 3DS great as they are, are just holdover's from the Wii/DS generation. I feel the next DS or Wii style innovation will be with the next line of NINTENDO system's in 4 to 5 years where something like dual hardware convergence could be on the table could be interesting.


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