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Where are the games my last purchase was mh3u and that was nearly 2 months ago I'm getting bored the only game I can think of coming that I actually want is pikmin 3 and it has even been announced for a release date in Australia or Europe yet...... can someone reassure me I mean I am starting to think I just wasted a whole lot of money and don't hate on me I love Nintendo and there games but if the games weren't ready why release the console I mean cmon your killing me Nintendo...... I just want a new game.


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It's all about E3.

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Patience is key.



The Nintendo games were always going to take a year, give or take.

The miscalculation was 3rd party.

I can only think Nntendo assumed they would have more 3rd party content, post the ACIII, Batman AA, Mass Effect ports etc.

Basically, the 2013 stuff.



I do have to point out that it wasn't all that long ago that the exact same things were being said about the 3DS. And now look where we are; that console has never looked better, albeit with room for some improvement.

Yes, it irritates me too that Nintendo - despite claiming otherwise beforehand - more or less made the same mistakes a second time in a row but, honestly, I never bought my Wii U expecting much different. Consoles generally have a rough start like this and to think that Nintendo isn't hard at work producing their own first part titles for this thing is madness. And I'm sure, once the console picks up speed, third parties will invest time and money too, like they currently are with the 3DS.The games will come.The Wii U ain't going anywhere any time soon, either.

And no, this doesn't excuse the fact that there should be more games out NOW and that this was an avoidable oversight on Nintendo's part. However, honestly, I don't know about you but I'd rather have games come eventually that are released with the amount of time and effort invested into them that their developers originally intended. We got quite a few 3DS titles down the line that were obviously rushed out before their time and I'd much rather avoid that happening once again than wait a bit longer for games I know I'll appreciate more in the long run.

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Forbsz wrote:

can someone reassure me I mean I am starting to think I just wasted a whole lot of money and don't hate on me I love Nintendo and there games but if the games weren't ready why release the console I mean cmon your killing me Nintendo...... I just want a new game.

I had this mindset as well a couple of weeks back. Then I looked up the full lineup of games for the system. Do that, it's very reassuring cause there are loads of great titles coming.

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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There is going to be loads of stuff to come! Patience is the key!


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Punctuation, please.



Patience my friend. What I done is I bought some classic wii games that I never played before to pass the time.

I recently bought Lost in Shadow which surprisingly is a great platformer.

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Towels wrote:

Punctuation, please.

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I've got enough great old games to keep me busy if need be I guess, but I do understand this frustration. I have to say I don't think Nintendo is quite what they used to be. ..alittle off topic but it is odd out of my 360, laptop, phone, my wife's ipad, and whatever else doesn't have any problems with connecting to the wireless router in my house where it is, but my Wii U errors out constantly...

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Yes, you wasted your money because the console has no games its first year! Like others have said, patience is key

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I'm in no hurry for new games, I have than enough Wii U games to play... and now Resident Evil is coming out next week! I need more time, not done with Lego City yet!



The problem for me is the 3rd party games that do come out I can get on PC a better version for way less money.

For now I'm just gonna play zen pinball 2, super metroid and other VC games and still enjoy wii u mario game and even call of duty multiplayer(this i like on consoles as its an arcade console fps). Also have Lego city to beat and sonic racing, nintendoland.

Its not a great launch, but there are some things we still have to play til it gets better. Also, I use it to watch movies on amazon prime.



I would personally like to thank Nintendo for teaching the younger generation some life lessons.

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Must I put in a get patient quote here?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Start panicking and sell your Wii U to nearest buyer, even if you must sell at a $300 loss.


Did that not help?



I bought my Wii U basic in like new condition for $200 due to this kind of thinking. I can see that awesome stuff is on the way so it was too good a deal to pass up.


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