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Nintendo land was great, but it needs more.
more attractions and more add-ons for current attractions.
there are plenty of Nintendo games to base attractions off of.
Pokemon for instance. the person with the Game Pad would be the trainer and whoever else is playing would be pokemon. pikachu and probably some popular starters. the trainer would get two Pokeballs per player and the Pokemon would run away. if the Pokemon is caught they are out.
any one else have any other ideas?


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a pokemon snap game would be perfect for nintendo land i think. i cant really see any dlc happening maybe a full blown expansion later on in the life of the console.

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put it on.


Nintendo is more likely to make an expansion in the same vein as Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Maybe then we could see DLC as an implemented option.

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I can see a sequel announced at next years E3.

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nintendo world! haha

but seriously it would be kool if the mqde a second floor or something for the new attractions



Yes, Nintendo World! It'll be in Florida.



I think they're just going to make another game in the series rather than updating the current one. Which is too bad, just like Wii Sports, Nintendo Land had a lot of missed opportunities. Lack of online multiplayer, no custom rules for each game mode, no dlc.


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