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yo MadAussieBloke bro lol ty man "daps" you youtube man...

"Its All About Those 2x Houston Rockets,5x Dallas Cowboys,Houston Astros,Texas A&M Aggies".


LordJumpMad wrote:

Who said it was Bowser this time?
The love triangle had to end sooner or later.

Daisy would have none of that!


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Gotta save Metroid too! And Star Fox. And F-Zero. And Mega Man.

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the whales?

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Tasuki wrote:

What is the trees for 100 Alex?

We were looking for 'whales' actually.

Nobody cares about trees any more.



Bowser has an emotional breakdown and locks himself away. The gang have to go to Bowser's castle and convince him that he will one day have a princess to call his own.


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TheJosdude wrote:

Bowser has an emotional breakdown and locks himself away. The gang have to go to Bowser's castle and convince him that he will one day have a princess to call his own.

That one is awesome.


Dev wrote:

GoombaSlayer wrote:

Maybe no one has been kidnapped.

That's a good point, and, honestly, that's the most likely scenario. Bowser, tired of kidnapping Peach for the hundredth time, decided to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom outright and instead of holding Peach hostage in her own castle like in NSMBU, he kicks her out of the castle. He might have reasoned that he didn't need to capture Peach to take over the kingdom and that it wouldn't matter either way, she wouldn't be of much help for Mario to save the kingdom. "Peach is too weak to save herself, much less help Mario!" he would retort, "I don't need to worry about her." So now Peach has to prove Bowser wrong in that she is more than capable of saving herself and her kingdom. Meanwhile, Bowser tampers with the source of the cat bells for some evil purpose.

Obviously, that was all made up, but it's a thought.

Obviously he forgot about super princess peach. Maybe we must save toadsworth or the yoshi population. I could also see it being a dream though but i like the quoted idea in this post.

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The Mushroom Kingdom/World from Bowser's evil plot.

MrSRArter wrote:

Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

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you have to save the cat kingdom

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Bowser has now found Cat Kingdom and is making a Bowser sized cat suit to cover his large butt. Mario and company must now save the Cat Kingdom from Bowser, and Bowser from PETA.

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We are actually are saving jake from state farm

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