Topic: Watch Dogs, Rainbow 6 Patriots and release dates for Wii Fit U & Pikmin 3

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Works for me if its true but Rayman Legends's date won't be happening anymore obviously. If its true, at least Pikmin 3 will be released this summer.

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Well hell, just walked in with Watchdog's :I otherwise both titles would be welcome for WiiU



I'd love to see Remember Me coming to Wii U instead of Rainbow 6.

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Too bad My Nintendo News is a laughable source at best. Pokemon Rainbow, anyone?



They aren't a source, none of their articles are original, you always can follow the source though because they post their source. In this case, it's GameStop's reservation lists which often have placeholder dates and titles.

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i cant see watchdogs coming out new years eve

put it on.


And no other console at the moment can run high res textures except the WiiU so I would say Ninty will get the more superior PC port of Watch Dogs



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