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Any hype out there for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper?

I know very little about the game but reviews of the PS360 versions look very positive:

PS3 review:
360 review:

Anyone have any experience with this game (or past editions of the series)?

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Looking forward to it. Never tried a warriors game before. I might grab the 3ds one to get a taste.


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If you've played it a lot and wouldn't mind playing it some more, that sounds pretty good.

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This Game Looks Awesome!!! Definitely Gonna Get This!

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Might get this... not decided yet.

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Looks cool. Have been thinking about trying out a Warriors game and this looks like a good game to start with.



KaiserGX wrote:

This isn't a historical game right?

I haven't played the game but the first paragraph of the PS3 review I linked to talks about history. About this third game, they say: "Now the third in the series is here and the developer has really decided to cut loose. The result suits both creator and product: this is the craziest, most comprehensive and almost certainly the best Warriors game to date."

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No, this game is a bit like Super Smash Brothers - it takes the characters from most of Koei's popular series' (Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Legend of Troy, Trinity Souls of Zill O'll, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Battlestorm), and throws them into a fictional situation where they're all fighting together.

It helps to know the characters from the other games, as it's more fun when you have your favourite characters fighting with/ against your other favourite characters, but it's not strictly necessary.

And if one of the reasons you enjoy the Warriors games is the history side of things, this, frankly, is not the game for you.


It's a port,oh great.
Looks good nevertheless.

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OlympicCho wrote:

KaiserGX wrote:

Then you don't like the game Cho?

Oh heck no, I love the game. Having Sun Shangxiang, Oichi and Joan of Arc fighting together to beat the heck out of hordes of demons is as much fun to me as having Captain Falcon falcon punch Jigglypuff into oblivion.

JOAN OF ARC?!?!?! Hmm... I guess I can still get this... Untitled


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