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So when you start up the Wii U, the first thing I'd say most us notice are all the little Mii characters running onto your screen. My question is, where do these guys come from? Are they all from around my area, like as in local players? Because I know that with there being close to 4 million Wii U owners out there, that small amount on my screen that shows up isn't the whole community. I'm guessing its just a random selection of Mii characters that are randomly chosen to show up on my screen but I could be wrong. Any ideas?

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The tiles shown are from the most active communities. Then the Miis from your console, your friends list and anyone you follow show up with their messages. Then the rest are the most popular messages from people within the various communities for that given day. Basically when people "yeah" a post enough it'll show up on everyone's WaraWara Plaza.

Oh, and you'll only see posts from communities visible in your own region. Whether they filter out 3DS content when that update comes out remains to be seen.

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Is there a way to remove all those Miis in order to see only the Miis that belong to your own Wii U?

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Ah ok, see I thought they were just the locals that had a Wii U. Silly me.

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Thanks for the explanation, Skywake. I've had this console since launch and I've been wondering about this very thing the whole time.

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