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Hey everyone for those that want to know Walmart made a mistake today in the video game section for the Wii U that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is coming-out December 6 but that is wrong. Did anyone else find the error?

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A wrong release date? A huge error? Seems more like common occurrence.


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i'm sure they'll pop up with a correction as soon as they figure out they've printed the wrong date. It happens all the time — local stores usually tape corrections (and apologies for the mistakes made) into the window on their front doors so that people walking in will be notified immediately. they're only human.

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Print ads are pretty much terrible.

As you said, Walmart had DKCTF still in Dec, and Hastings still had Watch_Dogs listed for this month.

Heck, with the exception of Best Buy, all of our local print ads didn't have Wii U listed as one of the available platforms for Batman: Arkham Origins or AC4 (they only had 360, One, PS3, PS4, & PC listed next to the game box images).


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