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That was no funny it hurt my eyes

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For those that want an easier experience;

As for the video itself; Assuming this isn't a belated reupload, the Onion/Gameological Society seems a bit late on the ball for this one. The Wii U has finally started rolling out with titles, with a steady flow of games being established in the following three months. That doesn't excuse the initial lack of games, but a big part of comedy is context and the context of the Wii U having no games might as well be gone.

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I really wish I wasn't watching this from my 3ds so I can see why ppl are having those 1-word quotes.

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The Onion shouldn't have anything to do with videogames. Their reviews are a joke, in fact they're probably the only funny things on their site.

Despite that I did like the Onion Movie, if only for Steven Seagal.



I just want to say, that part where he said "It promises to turn this(picture of various devices), into this(Wii U stuff ONLY)": That's a good thing, in terms of having gadgets all compatible with the same machine.

Otherwise this video is pointless. He took every stereotype about Nintendo and threw it into one video.

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The Onion is hit or miss for me. This was a miss. Most of the time their videos and articles are misses. Comedy is hard to do right.

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I saw it put best as "Tim and Eric lite". That's a harsher put-down than any of us could think of.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

I saw it put best as "Tim and Eric lite". That's a harsher put-down than any of us could think of.

HAHAHAHA so true!



When I saw the thread title I thought it was talking about Pikmin Onions.

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WingedFish wrote:

When I saw the thread title I thought it was talking about Pikmin Onions.


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