Topic: $85 Splinter Cell Blacklist on UK store?

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I mean why just $85 they could make it $100, why not?

Why must we pay so much damn money for one f..... game? I remember when games were $49.95 back then


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Well. It's nothing new over here in Germany.
Games from "top"-publisher like EA, Ubisoft, Activision etc. are always 59€~69€ ($79~$92).
Fortunately Nintendo or SEGA games are 37€+ ($49+).

I lend the most expensive games with less content from a video (rental) store. 2-3 day play on week ends and the game is finished.
(I pay 3€ ~ 4€ for it) You safe a lot of money if you don't want to play the game regularly.

Edit: I just checked Amazon UK .. It's $60 over there..

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it is quite expensive here in australia -i'm waiting for a good deal before i buy it

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