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I know that this is a kinda dumb question, but... Does anyone think I should sell my current non plus remotes for Wii remotes that do have motion plus inside? I have 3 Wii remotes, and 3 motion plus accessories to go with each one. Do you think I should keep them the way they are having that extra part that makes the controller longer, or just sell them and save around 12'' cubed, and have a lighter controller? I know that this is a preference question, but I want to hear your thoughts, especially since they haven't sold the Wii motion plus accessory for a little more than 2 years, and they might be rare now. Do you think rarity vs. functionality matters, too? I've had 2 of the Wii remotes since launch day, the black remote since those came out, along with the motion plus accessories of matching color since they were available. Thanks.


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I would just keep them unless you really hate the added length and weight

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If I were you I would just save some money and keep them

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Ya... When they came out, they just didn't want to make people buy completely new remotes by adding the attachments, and releasing full remotes later, I guess. I saved money when they came out. I guess I'll just hold on to them.


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The remote plus has a few features worth considering. It has better battery life than the original models -the difference between the plus and original remote I have is huge, to the point where batteries that display 2-3 bars in the original will give me 4 full bars in the plus. The new Wii U remote plus also has the sync button on the outside of the battery cover, so you never have to remove anything to sync. Whether any of that matters is up to you, but I'd much rather have the neater and more efficient new remotes than the clumsy old dongle combos.

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Depends. Does the extension bug you? If it doesn't bother you, no need to waste money replacing them. If it does bother you, perhaps it's time to upgrade, at least with one or two remotes.

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No not really. An extra bit of weight, and battery probably that I haven't noticed, but I'm sure thats true. I just use rechargable rayovac batteries with the Energizer 15 min, charger, so I technically never run out of batteries. Rayovacs are $10 cheaper than energizer 8 packs, might have less life over all, but I can also have more devices running for a cheaper price. I have around 6 extra, since I though I lost some one time, bought more, than found them later... I'll just keep them, because no one wants the worse versions anyways, and would cost double, or quadruple(GS trades), just to replace something I already technical have and use.


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