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That's pretty cool. It's nice to see Nintendo's apparent stance of treating independent developers nicely seems to be continuing, as last I checked Unepic was still PC-only.

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I thought you misspelled the forum title. I thought it was supposed to be "On Epic coming to Wii U

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Oh really? I Really enjoyed this game, it was quite cool. For sure gonna double dip on this the second it's avalible on WiiU. I can't stress enough how much I love the fact that so many great Indie games are coming to WiiU

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My brother prettyloved that game, and when i saw him playing, i thought it was funny.

Great chance for Wii U. Also, people who deosnt know the game, it has A LOT of sharp words. Spanish humor is like that.




Watched a gameplay video. Very interesting kind of game. Graphics remind me of the Amiga- and 90ies PC-games era.
Exploring dark 2D dungeons with RPG-style gameplay and menus. Could be fun.
The story seems to be on the "hilarious fantasy" side. Don't know what to make of it yet, but I guess I'll find out when it's on the eShop.

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I will say while it looks pretty cool, the red bloodstained "UN" next to epic on the title screen is pretty atrocious. It doesn't matter or anything but that's terrible, even if it's an ironically bad attempt at a joke.

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Like the idea, don't really like the look. I will put this in the maybe category.

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