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Hey guys!

Whenever I try and send screenshots in messages to my cousin, it delays for a while and then says Error 121-9998 and that the system was unable to connect to the internet. I'm still able to do everything in Miiverse and I never have to reconnect to the internet. Has anyone else experienced such issues?

And I know a lot of people have been complaining about too many help threads and too many recommendation threads. Well, get over it lol This is a Wii U forum, there's nothing wrong with me posting a thread asking for help.

And with that being said, I really do appreciate any assistance you guys can give me!

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Reset your router or remove your connection settings from the WiiU then input them again... For anyone with WiiU error codes and problems just google them thats all I do it's not that hard really.



yeah i also been having some internet errors lately which is odd like yesterday o_o i had to quit everything and try to get back on miiverse to even connect well

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i stopped playing mario kart now and moved on to luigis mansion :P

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usually im just on miiverse(drawing) :P


I've been getting internet errors too. Resetting my router usually does the trick though.



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