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First off, many apologies if these questions have been asked (and answered) elsewhere. Believe me when I say I really did try and find concrete answers.

#1- So I know that you'll be able to expand your systems memory with SD Cards, USB Drives, HDD's, and the like, but what I want to know is will the system be able to recognize these devices on the fly or will you have to have any and all save files you wish to use within the system's memory? Think the Wii: you can use SD cards for additional storage, but if you want to load a save file, it cannot be on the SD card but instead has to be copied to the system memory.

#2- Will the Wii U Gamepad experience be completely wireless? When I saw the demonstration for Black Ops II, the graphics looked pretty darn impressive. Is all that capable of being transferred from console to controller wirelessly? Or is a cable required to play that way? In the demonstration they had some beastly cables connected to the controller, which is why I'm asking.

Regardless, I have a Wii U deluxe on pre-order. I can't wait!

Thank you,

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When you say "save files" do you actually mean the program files? My guess is the program files will be loaded directly off the storage device without having to be copied to built-in flash memory (unlike the Wii, which required everything to be copied). My guess about save files is that they will always have to be in built-in flash memory in order to be used by a game (but you might be able to copy some of them to/from external storage like you could on the Wii). But I could be wrong about either or both of these things.

The cable you saw was for development kits. There will be no data cable for the consumer model. All data will be transferred wirelessly. The only connection will be for charging the battery.

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I would assume that the save files are automatically put onto the flash and that if you copy a save file to external storage the Wii U will ignore it and look for the save file on the internal storage. No different to how the Wii handles it. Save files aren't particularly big anyway and aren't that sophisticated. There would be no advantage in putting them on external storage except for backup and/or sharing. The games themselves should be able to load directly off the external storage.

And yes, the controller is wireless. It does have a charging cable however and the dev kits do have a physical cable connecting to the unit but that's probably just to reduce the cost of the dev kits. Also worth noting that even if the units on show were final models, which I'm sure they will be in some demonstrations, they will still be tethered. You don't want the battery in the controller to run out while it's being demoed for hours on end and you don't want anyone to run off with it. It's the same reason why 3DS demo units have all been tethered to something....... often models strangely.....

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I was referring to save files. Like if I were to play New Super Mario Bros. U, and I was to move my save data over to, let's say, a USB drive, would the Wii U be able to locate it and/or load it, or would it have to be within the systems 8-32GB of internal memory in order to be located/loaded/overwritten/deleted?

I guess 32GB will be plenty of storage, in terms of game saves. At least Nintendo isn't including a hard drive that would just raise the price of the console. I think $350 is a steal

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Yeah I would think the cables were just there to stop low battery issues from cropping up during the presentation. Likelyhood is even with the charging cable the Wii U pad is still sending signals wirelessly. This is the same as the Wireless 360 pads and the DualShock 3.



Will it transfer ALL the Wii's data? Is there something like confirming digital purchases or will it just transfer as fast as possible? Lately my Wii doen't want to connect to the internet so confirming purchases might be a problem.
And I'm not allowed to talk about anything related to piracy here so I'll just leave you guys to think about what could happen if we System Transfer-red a h--ked Wii. Nintendo might have to release several System Updates to fix that.
There you go, tbd.

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