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I'm using TVii for the first time to watch an NFL game, Saints vs. Cowboys. Things I like: heads-up display of the football field with the last several plays, field position, penalties, statistics, etc. and a scrolling list of plays on the right; ability to "Yeah" plays or use other emoticons to express dismay; ability to comment on plays... kind of. Things I don't like: I can't share comments on Twitter, and my comments are shared on Facebook with the words, "I Commented on a TV Moment: (comment here)". Super annoying to others reading my Facebook feed. Also still haven't figured out what the little "tag" icon on the plays list is for. Finally, there is like NO ONE participating... I count no more than 100 active users at its peak early in the game and it seems like a lot of viewers have quit as the game progressed. Summary: TVii has a lot of potential... but it's not quite there. Any other thoughts?


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