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Anyone expecting this to happen... AT ALL? Still can't understand why the Wii U has less TV functionality compared to the 360 and PS3 and costs more then them (and has less onboard storage). My Wii has the BBC Iplayer but the Wii U doesn't >.< I know Nintendo is about the games but the fact of the matter is that people expect more out of their devices now so why shouldn't the Wii U have these features. Guess I'll just go back to watching Mock the Week on the regular Wii then

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Ohhhhh poor you... having to watch TV on a wii... JK hmmm... don't know of anything coming soon...

tumblr's better...

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I'm actually dreading this (selfish i know), as i don't own a tv (i own several monitors and a projector) i'm not required to own a TV licence. Once TVii is launched it will be impossible for me to prove i do not use it to watch television. I will be out of pocket £150 per year for something i don't even use, if this happens i'll be selling my Wii U unless Nintendo can vouch for me that i never use the TVii thing. TV licence is the such a con, its only a matter of time before a lawsuit ends it once and for all.

anywho.... If i had to guess there are some legal issues to iron out due to the way the UK in particular polices its television and advertisements, its still coming though.

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It's no suprise that Nintendo couldn't get TVii sorted across Europe. It was ridiculous to think that they would even attempt to do so.
It would be a far better option to allow broadcasters to bring their catch up services to the WiiU in their respective countries. Hence why the BBC are doing so in the UK.
Tbh though, I'm glad that the anime channel is available on the 3DS, but Nintendo should really have offered it on the WiiU too considering that not every WiiU owner owns a 3DS.

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That does kind of suck although I don't understand the whole watching TV on your games console, it just seems like an excuse to ignore actual gaming content on consoles for the console makers. I noticed the Xbox One did a lot of things at launch except playing actual games, seemed more like a multimedia platform than a games console, I know it has lots of games now and is a successful console but it didn't have many games at launch.

I was wondering for a while what the TVii menu option did when I got my Wii U about 3 months ago and it always said unavailable. Guess they won't remove the TVii menu option either for those in Europe.


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Nope, not coming.

"“Due to the extremely complex nature of localising multiple television services across a diverse range of countries with varied licensing systems, regrettably we have taken the decision not to launch the Nintendo TVii service within the European region.”"



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