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Topic: TVii in Europe

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Anyone expecting this to happen... AT ALL? Still can't understand why the Wii U has less TV functionality compared to the 360 and PS3 and costs more then them (and has less onboard storage). My Wii has the BBC Iplayer but the Wii U doesn't >.< I know Nintendo is about the games but the fact of the matter is that people expect more out of their devices now so why shouldn't the Wii U have these features. Guess I'll just go back to watching Mock the Week on the regular Wii then :(

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Ohhhhh poor you... having to watch TV on a wii... JK hmmm... don't know of anything coming soon...

tumblr's better...

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I'm actually dreading this (selfish i know), as i don't own a tv (i own several monitors and a projector) i'm not required to own a TV licence. Once TVii is launched it will be impossible for me to prove i do not use it to watch television. I will be out of pocket £150 per year for something i don't even use, if this happens i'll be selling my Wii U unless Nintendo can vouch for me that i never use the TVii thing. TV licence is the such a con, its only a matter of time before a lawsuit ends it once and for all.

anywho.... If i had to guess there are some legal issues to iron out due to the way the UK in particular polices its television and advertisements, its still coming though.

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