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Ear Force NLa and N11 stereo Wii U Hands on video

The White one will cost $35 and the Black will be $50.
Link to Engadget page:
(PICTURES Found there)

From IGN: "Both headsets have Nintendo's proprietary 4-pole connector, so they'll work with your DS or 3DS in addition to the Wii U."

What do you guys think?

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Why is black $15 more?

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cool, can wait to here all those 8 year olds in MK8

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I really like the looks of the N11, but what are the chances of a wireless head set further down the road? I'm not familiar with how these work on other consoles. It seems like something the wii u would be capable of.

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awsome i have the sony headphones and here awsome

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the vid end just when hes explaining when they will be out =|

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I wonder what game this would be for? I don't know...perhaps Black Ops 2?

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