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So I bought a wii u last year and did the wii to wii u transfer for all my shop channel data, and in a fit of stupidity returned it to target. I had bought a ton of games from vc and wii ware off the shop channel. I'm in the market to buy the wii u again because of the mario kart bundle, but is there any way I can get my old games back or are they gone forever?

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Unfortunately, I think that content is lost. Try calling customer service and keep your fingers crossed... but because software profiles are tied to the hardware where content is purchased (or in your case, transferred) you are probably out of luck.


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Yep once you transfer your stuff from the Wii to the Wii U it is tied to the Wii U console. You might be able to get the games back if they were linked with a Club Nintendo account but I am not sure cause of the length of time it has been since you returned it.

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