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i have just found out that the wii u will not read my sd card which has all of my vc games stored on ... so how on earth am i supposed to put over 11,000 blocks of games into 1000 of the wiis main memory .... what a cruel joke ...

is there any way i can get around all of this ?? ill be transfsaring vc games to the wii u untill im an old man !!

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Get a new SD card and put the transfer on that one instead.

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Keep the games on the wii, and use the free software that Nintendo made available in the wii shopping channel to perform the transfer, and any games not currently on the wii can be redownloaded to the wiiu when the process is complete

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DudeSean wrote:

This is Nintendo. Not playstation. There is no transfarring.

You beat me to it.

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Good luck

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