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Topic: Top Smash Bros Character Wish List

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I've been surfing the net and have found a few characters that many people want. And I want them too, for the most part.

Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario
Krystal (from Star Fox Adventures)
The new Mewtwo or Zoroark
Owain or Chrom from FE: Awakening

Obviously I want Bowser Jr. plus his Shadow Mario form. I've wanted him for a pretty long time. I've also wanted Krystal, and I feel if they were to put her in they'd have to lose either Falco, Wolf, or maybe both. I do want the new Mewtwo in there but I don't want him to replace Lucario. I don't want Zoroark but I am curious about how he would play. I don't mind Chrom, but I think thye'd have to let go of Ike for that to happen. And I sort of dont want Waluigi in there but I am curious of how he'd play.

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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