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Recent Ports:
X-Com: Enemy Unknown
The Darkness
Dead Space series
Diablo 3
Trackmania (Solid Wii port, but this game is well-suited to the Wii U)

Vintage Remakes:
Deus Ex
Half Life
Team Fortress Classic 1.5 (not TF2)
Ultima IX: Ascension
Starsiege: Tribes (Wiimote controls + Gamepad map/inventory/etc)
Planescape: Torment
Unreal Tournament 2003

None of these has even an iota of a chance to be released on Wii U... So I'm not even sure why I bother, but I might honestly cry if some of these games did happen.

Eitherway, Wii U ownesr deserve games of this pedigree and the unique features of the Gamepad/Wiimote/etc. could enhance every one.




I'd like to see the following come to Wii U:
Final Fantasy (Realms Reborn would be so cool as a first MMO title for Wii U)
Disgea (I'd love to see an HD version of this)
Tiger Woods Golf
I'd like to see some sort of Real Time Strategy Game come to the Wii U such as Dragons of Atlantis - They could do so much with a title like this.
Diablo 3
Magic The Gathering (Yes a digital HD trading card game . . . should use Miiverse for trades that would be really cool)
I'm not terribly interested but IMO Nintendo is the exact company Naruto should be working with
World of Warcraft
New Zelda
Pokémon (with some sort of picture taking function/quest along side the battles)
Eve Online

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