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I'm little confused on what people mean by the Wii U having more third party games and how it is different from shovel ware third party games. If someone could explain this to me in simple terms it would be nice. Cause I read alot online.



Shovelware titles are basically very worthless and low-quality games from third-parties. Think of Imagine Babyz or something like that. Good third-party support would be from worthy third-party titles, like Assassin's Creed or something that is third-party that would also help the Wii U sell. I think, someone could probably explain it better than me but it's very simple.

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1st Party: Games published and developed by the creators of the console it is published on.
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2nd Party: Games developed by 3rd parties and published by 1st parties exclusively for a specific console.
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3rd Party: Games developed and published by a company that is not forced to only one console, and so they are released on a variety of different platforms.
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Shovelware: A term used often on games that are lazily put together and were clearly made to make a quick buck off of less informed customers. Often these games tend to have a lot of glitches, poor graphics, bland music, uninspired levels, and shallow & unoriginal gameplay.
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A few alterations to what MrWalkieTalkie said. Second party games don't exist but second party developers do. Second Party refers specifically to games which are contracted out from the first party to an independent company to develop. Examples would include games like Smash Bros Brawl and Pokemon. First Party games are games which the console manufacturer comes up with whether they are developed by them or someone else. Third Party games are games, which could be exclusive and published by the console manufacturer, which are the idea of that third party.

So there's first party content and third party content. Second party content happens when the first party asks a third party to produce content for them using their IP. Third party games can be cross platform but don't have to be, second party games use first party IP and therefore don't.

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