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Mahe wrote:

The Wii U needs more motion-controlled games. Otherwise it will be a disappointment.

I will agree that if games that did really well on Wii due to motion/IR controls ditch those on the Wii U I'll be a bit disappointed. I'm specifically thinking of driving games and first-person titles - whether light-gun games or full-blown action titles.

Zombi U not implementing a single-player option for remote+nunchuk is a large part of what put me off about that game. It was bad enough feeling like I had to fiddle about doing something as basic as whacking a zombie with a cricket bat, but having to use a right analogue stick to aim was just dismal.

Similarly that Sonic racer is one I could have gotten behind, but after all these years of having the perfect built-in driving controller in the Wii Remote to release a game that has crap motion controls? I just don't get how that's possible. Even Need for Speed Nitro's lame use of a "drift button" (did no one play Excite Truck on any of these dev teams? Drifting worked great without using a button!) still controlled better than Sonic.

I'm sure Nintendo will deliver in the form of another Excite game and Mario Kart (as well as hopefully an F-Zero game), but 3rd parties really need to play to the system's strengths and that means old as well as new.


I'm just confused why people think Ms and Sony are all the sudden going to loose their fanbase next gen? Ms and Sony have more of the hardcore gamer and I'm sure most will follow suit with the next consoles as well.nintendo does face losing the casual market it cashed in with the Wii. None the less time will tell.none of us know the future.

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I have to agree I don't see Microsoft and Sony going anywhere, but theoretically if one were to go away I'd have to say Microsoft.

Sony has a lot of exclusive content, while Microsofts claim to fame has mostly been due to its "superior" console multiplatform games. With the SteamBox coming, I can easily see that taking that claim away. That only leaves them with a small amount of exclusives. We already know how they feel about exclusives. So I could see them being pushed to the back-burner.

To be honest if that became a reality. It'd be great to see 3 companies I actually like leading the console field. Nintendo/Sony/Valve. Sounds cool to me.



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