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Love the games, love the gamepad, HD and all the thought to apps.

I wish they added a ethernet port Wifi is waaaaaaay to slow. Its hard to watch Amazon Instant Video, i have to close the laptop and iPad for it to run most times. I have a very fast internet connection and my Apple Airport express is right next to it.

OS is slow... that new update can't come soon enough.

eShop, I wish the 3DS,Wii and WiiU stores were all tied together. I put a credit in on my 3DS and I didn't see it on my WiiU. I called Nintendo, they said they are separate. I'm familiar with PSN and how everything is all one and connected. I hope they remedy that in short time.


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More RAM. I don't really know much about that, but it would have been nice to have the same amount as the next sony/microsoft.
Not sure how much it would have added to the cost.

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the fact I don't have one......

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I would give the Gamepad and Wii U Pro controllers analog triggers. In most cases it really doesn't matter, but I would have liked to have had them for racing games.

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Yeah, what everyone else said. more RAM. cause basically what happens is dumb 360 gamers say "hey Xbox one has more RAM! i guess that means its going to be tons better than Wii U!" Which in most cases, yes, more RAM would be better. but sometimes it wouldn't matter, cause of other specs. but really more RAM = more sales by hardcore and casual gamers alike.

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RAM = HARDCORZ? now I've heard it all, lol



You can get a USB plug in so you can use Ethernet. They don't cost much as well.

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the only thing that comes to mind is that I would merge the WiiWare shop with the WiiU eShop - even if you are still forced to use your Wii gear to play WiiWare games, it's a pain in the a**e to have to boot the Wii application everytime you want to play/buy a downloadable game.
Also, there's many exceptional WiiWare titles that most people didn't get the chance to play (La-Mulana anyone?), and give them a spotlight on the WiiU eShop (which has become the main reference centre when it comes to "all downloadable Nintendo things" would generate more interest towards these games).

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Mind if I cut in? I was going to start a thread called "Wii U - the U is for ulcer" - but your title seems nicer.

Ethernet port. My kids have heard me curse enough this past week. Went out several times during Wii transfer, always playing Tank! Tank! Tank!, adn just abotu any time I get connected. Usually takes 3 tries to get connected. (I had a USB port adapter but gave it to my sister who didn't have a Wii compatible WiFi router and my Wii worked ok.)
Optical out. I finally figured it out thru my tv for Pro Logic surround but still, what would it have cost?
Settings on the tv. After applying a screen protector my Gamepad screen wouldn't work. Went into settings to recalibrate using a Wiimote but the tv only showed a useless info screen. "Google" said re-apply the protector, now it works.
Wii into eshop. I've had 200 points since chick chick Boom released for 800 points. I was going to finally use that 200 points towards Trine 2. Guess I never will. (It's the main reason I transferred b/c is said the points would tranfer to my Wii U. I can't play any of my VC games now anyway b/ cI don' town a Classic, just several GameCube controllers on my Wii.)

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Gamepad Screen Protector:
For those curious, A similar situation happened to me. The most likely cause is that moisture or condensation can get caught under the screen protector. Essentially over-riding the touch input from your fingertips. Fixing it can be as simplistic as removing the screen protector. Hope that helps with anybody having similar issues

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MadAussieBloke wrote:

RAM = HARDCORZ? now I've heard it all, lol

lol I love the obsession console gamers have over RAM. It has so little to do with the actual gaming done on the system. More RAM would speed up the Wii U's OS and time to switch apps and such, but would have very, VERY little effect on actual gameplay elements or graphics. There's a reason why even cutting-edge PC games still only require 8 gigs of RAM, sometimes as little as 4 gigs.

But we all know we're on the internet, where truth is dictated by whomever types the loudest lol

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Ethernet port would be nice but the Wii U is out already and doesn't have it. Get over it, buy the USB adapter and you'll literally get the same thing. People have made threads about how the USB adapter is slower but that's a load of crock, I've tested it and it runs fine. It's not 1Gbps but 100Mbps does the job if you don't live inside the Nintendo servers and it also happens to be the same speed as the 360's LAN port.

RAM.... you think RAM is the problem with the Wii U? Umm, no. If it was going to be higher performing RAM isn't where you'd start. Why would you want to start anyway? It's not about performance. If you're buying a Wii U for the height of visuals you're doing it wrong.

Firmware updates? Cool. Bring them on. They've already done a couple that improved OS speed A LOT. Remember how slow the launch console was?

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More power and the same x86 architecture as the other systems.

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They are on the right track with the eShop, there seems to be some good games coming down the pipeline, but Nintendo needs to improve their handling of the VC. At this point in the Wii's lifetime there were around 100 games available spanning 5 systems.



From the sound of it a lot of you guys need better routers! I've had zero issues the Wi-Fi on the Wii U has been perfect.

As long as the games keep coming everything will be fine. Luckily I have xenoblade chronicles to keep me busy

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If I could change anything on Nintendo wii u it would be nintendo's marketing. Their marketing is horrible and has been for a while. And that IMO is the reason the console has been virtually in neutral for a while. Better marketing



I have another its not really a wii u problem its more of a nintendo problem but linked accounts and cross platform play(wii u & 3ds) like in monster hunter

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uptownsoul wrote:

If I could change anything on Nintendo wii u it would be nintendo's marketing. Their marketing is horrible and has been for a while. And that IMO is the reason the console has been virtually in neutral for a while. Better marketing

Because it was so dramatically better for the Wii, DS and 3DS right?

You should check out your local game shop. At mine they have large screens looping through E3 trailers last time I was down there. Specifically about four or five trailers. They had one for the PS4, Disney Infinity, Rayman Legends, Wind Waker HD and the Wonderful 101. So that's plenty of content for people to be interested in the Wii U for over the next month or so.

The Wii U's main problem is that the next month or so is after now and is definitely not six months ago. Their problem isn't online, TV, print or point of sale marketing presence

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