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WUP-006 Nintendo Optical discs have round polimer edges just like Panasonics newest designs unlike the square edged PS3 optical disc with Wii U clocking 22.5 MB/s in transfer. When it comes to Dual Layers, the speed of a lasers transfer is cut in half because of the separate emissions. In order to utilize blue violet laser functionality Nintendo has installed this^ Panasonic chip labeled "MN864718 219P3162" onboard. Dual Layer Blu Ray discs read data by alternating between blue and violet lengths changing photons under electrical pulse variations and disc rotation speed combinations in reading different layers hence the need for the Panasonic video processor in the producing of both blue and violet frequencies. Techcnically its possible for Wii U to read a quad layer Blu Ray! A PS3 reads a disc layer of 25GB at 9MB/s, since Panasonic doesn't support more than 25GB per layer games nearing 50GB slow the Sony system considerably preventng the system from attempting a triple layer compared to Wii U possibly handling up to 4 layers doubling the playstation!

The Original Xenoblade size is estimated in EU broken down

6,3 GB environments

1,4GB Game that's:
315 MB (map models, textures and data).
540 MB character/enemy models
490 MB of cutscene data
75 MB of object models)

5.98GB Size in NA
4.37GB in Japan

The new game shouldn't add anything considerably more than the original 1.4GB unless it includes way more songs and voice recordings, meaning the new version will use purely 20GB for nothing but graphical data compared to 6 if single layer, the fact he says possible 2 discs and Wii U can read 4 layers, that's 44GB pure environment since its reading dual layer cutting load in half flipping lasers that's why they suggest pre install buffer.

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Why do this?

Xenoblade is barely even mentioned in the entire body of your post. If I wanted to read the Wikipedia article on dual layer optical discs, I would just go do that.

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"The bespoke Wii U optical discs are 25GB in size"

I think I had to surf like 8 spots to get illustrations taking like 2 seconds, probably faster than it took Tom to paste^ although I made the same call, but after thinking about it later I was like WTF and remembered Nintendo hasn't needed 2 discs since 2011.Thought I would post because of widespread confusion in your thread article

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@Tinglz Thanks for the heads up, I usually limit to 25 elsewhere, I just figured the Forum alert if too many were contained, Ill limit myself, no problem.

hahah you took it back down again, that wasn't even a lot but ok, ill just take all of them down and leave the last tiny lil paragraph, no images

I don't think you can even buy dial up anymore

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Wow, eff this thread O_O Felt like I stepped into a chemistry class with the first post

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Xenoblade Chronicles X seems pretty overwhelming. It's supposed to be a 300-hour adventure. I want to buy it, but I wish it wasn't so long.



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