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JohnRedcorn wrote:

As the guy above has said, it runs alright until there is a lot of stuff going on, especially during the boss fights in the latter part of the game, which is quite bothersome.

I also found myself annoyed by the slowdown in both Lego Marvel and City, Splinter Cell and Windwaker HD (when sailing with enemies/lightning on screen) yet saw people on here argue there wasn't any. Makes me question whether they see it and just don't care, or if they don't know what they are looking at? The game was still great though, and worth picking up for sure.

Weird.. I didn't notice anything from Wind Waker either and wasn't bothered one bit. Haven't played Splinter Cell, I plan to eventually, just waiting to get it dirt cheap.

@WaveBoy Well, I'm not sure if you've played this game, but my TV is plasma and I still haven't noticed the slow down or motion blur. I am unfortunately easily irritated by little things too, so it seems like I'd be bothered by it.. but maybe I am just strange and didn't notice it. I seriously didn't notice much slow down in this game at all. If you haven't played it and are turned off by the thought of slow down or whatever.. don't let it deter you, especially when you can get the game for around $25. (Not sure about Europeon prices, I imagine it's not much different.)


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Here's the trailer running in 60fps....for me, the difference between 30 and 60fps is night and day. Try playing a 30fps racer and then play one that runs in 60fps. if you can't notice the difference, than good lord.

Fighters, racers and side scrollers as a rule of thumb should all be locked in at 60fps...there have been some odd ball exceptions as of late like the castle of illusion remake, giena sisters and trine 2 which look pretty iffy when things start moving....Especially on an HDTV. I personally couldn't cut either, the frame doubling effect just irritates the hell out of me. Fire up the RE: Revelations demo(runs in 30fps)and start moving the camera around you, you should be able to see it.

Anyways, even if TW101 does slow down or DOES run in 30fps(which can't be true, since they bothered showing off the trailer in 60) that won't stop me from getting it. This is the type of 3rd party support i want to see, something highly creative & unique that makes decent use of the gamepad.

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Apparently, TW101 IS 60FPS, but is indeed prone to drops.

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There are drops in TW101? I didn't notice anything. Although mentioned Windwaker does look like dropping a little, like when you are chopping wood with the spin move



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