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There's a lot of things going around regarding the use of multiple screens being used with the console, such as the price of the WiiU Tablet and how it may possibly strain the system. The 3DS isn't entirely a remedy for this, but Nintendo should really put an emphasis on connectivity between console and handheld. We've seen in on the Gamecube with GBA, and then Wii with DS. Though, between the two combos, I would say the Gamecube did it better especially with it's games that exclusively used the "Console to handheld" connection with Four Swords and FFCC (for multiplayer). Then, titles such as Animal Crossing used it to gain extra items with eReader as well as take care of your island buddy on Animal Island (which, you can use a sweet trick to get loads of bells). Other games such as Billy Hatcher had fun little minigames. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle allowed you to transfer your Chao back and forth between Sonic Advance and "level" it up and take them with you on the go.

I really hope Nintendo really pushes the connectivity more than they did with the Wii and DS since there's barely any titles that do so- if at all. And it's certainly underwhelming compared to GCN and GBA. With the upcoming Smash Bros. 3DS and WiiU title, I'm really excited to see what ideas Sakurai has. He has said that the 3DS version should be a more personal experience where you can also build your character and obtain some experience to then take them to WiiU. The Smash Bros. hasn't always had the best single player experience and he wants to put an emphasis on this with the 3DS version. Of course, it may sound good on paper, I'd hope he take his ideas further (no doubt he will) and really puts out the best Smash Bros. game yet.

I would hope Square Enix considers bringing the Crystal Chronicles titles to Wii U and iron out some of the problems the GCN version had in terms of connectivity. Yeah, it was really fun, but looking back, I think they can do more with it, especially with the 3DS' power.

What's your take on this connection?



You ever play Wind Waker? If so Then you've probably heard about the tingle tuner in WW. YOU HAVE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR POST!! It was my favorite connection between Gamecube and Gameboy Advance.

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Oh yeah haha.

I didn't forget about that. It was in my mind while I was typing but it didn't come out in the post. But yeah, the Tingle Tuner. I used it once, I think. I know you can drop bombs and stuff. Would be fun for 2-players, certainly.



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