Topic: The Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4 but probably won't get it.

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Yeah. Nothing says hype like a re-release!

To be fair, a Wind Waker re-release would still be fresher than recent Mario titles. And Wind Waker is the only Zelda they could remake like this that would be as hyped and not just available on Wii for 10 bucks anyway.


All I know is we need something soon. I know great games take time to make. A new Zelda isn't developed overnight, but we still need something. We should atleast get release dates for Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, and The Wonderful 101. Something soon and E3 needs to tell Nintendo fans why they should upgrade to Wii U, why gamers should buy Wii U, and why Wii U owners should keep their Wii Us.

That's what I'm finding annoying so far, the lack of confirmed release dates.
The waiting doesn't bother me, I just want to know how long the wait will be.

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Change it to the
'Sony fanhead always twists information to try and annoy people thread that ends up dissolving into another discussion about HDD's and where to place a videogame system in your home that then changes to oh look the guy was just talkin' BS anyway so everyone was wrong thread'

One if anything I'm a microoft fanboy I don't even own any currently own any sony systems. Two the thread title still is pretty Valid since Epic wont be porting unreal and the chances of anyone else taking the time to port the engine are pretty slim.


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@Sonybro I know you are... it was intentional for the baiting process



Who cares about the Wii U when the far superior PS4 is getting released soon!!

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Isn't Gearbox doing a game for Wii U (as well as the other consoles) that runs on Unreal Engine 4? It's just a rumor I guess, but who knows.

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I...guess the thing we can do is keep waiting.

But of course, there is concern about the Wii U lacking 3rd party games, and that something needs to be done.

Well, for one thing: while this news of Epic being uninterested in the Wii U points out another unnerving potential for (once again) the lack of 3rd party games, I feel that something like this doesn't do too great in depicting a clear picture of what's going on. Epic has passion in anything to do with horsepower and performance. With that in mind, they work well with PCs, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U's next-generation competitors, and even the Apple iDevices. Nintendo, on the other hand, isn't the best culture for Epic and their products to incubate in. And so in a nutshell, Epic loves performance while Nintendo doesn't align itself as a company that loves high-performance. So Epic doesn't show a commitment to the Wii U platform. That doesn't mean the console can't run their latest engine, but little commitment nonetheless.

Now that sadly does mean less support for the Wii U than we hoped, but many people's grim view on the console's well-being could be warping the reader's view of what's actually going on and, therefore, just further dampening the doom-and-gloom commotion. What I'm afraid is that we are basing part of our fears on one company showing little interest, even though they and Nintendo don't mix well naturally. One company's stance is not the best indicator of the other game-creators' attitude toward Nintendo. It's even established at this point that it's possible for games using Unreal 4 to run on the Wii U. All in all, Epic simply pointed out that the Wii U isn't in their interest.

Now what about the other third-party companies and their attitude towards the Wii U?

All that can be said is that Nintendo always had rocky relations with them, ever since the Nintendo 64 era. According to Wikipedia that cites a datasheet taken off of Nintendo Japan, they sold approximately 209 million Gamecube games in total while Sony sold six times that amount for the PS2. Heck, the bestsellers for the Gamecube were Nintendo's own titles instead of any third-parties. And as we know, the Wii era wasn't much better in establishing a healthy relationship with third parties, despite the console being a hot-selling item. So it seems weird to expect the third-parties to immediately hop on aboard the Wii U train-wagon right after the launch, especially after the years when Nintendo wasn't on friendly terms with them. That's like an abusive dog-owner wanting to change for the better and therefore persuading their dog that they will live a better life after years of torment... I wouldn't want to suddenly jump in that pet-owner's arms if I were that dog.

And so I'm confident that the third-parties will eventually warm up to the Wii U, and that we just have to give it some time.

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@FOREST_RANGER What makes the whole situation worrisome is that the 3rd parties that did jump on the Wii U train early on were greeted with incredibly poor sales numbers. 1.2 games per unit at launch is about as abysmal as it gets.

Frankly, I see the Wii U as a system that will primarily play Nintendo titles and indie games. To most users, that probably won't matter too much, since Nintendo console owners seem to only care about Nintendo games (just look at the interest in some games compared to others on this site. First-party Nintendo games consistently dominate thread and article comment numbers, with the possible exception of Monster Hunter.)

Still, I'm hoping you're right. I'd love lots of 3rd party games on Wii U, especially since the games that have been delivered on the Wii U so far by 3rd parties are better (in my opinion) than the games Nintendo has put out on their system. One thing that does give credence to your confidence is that the Wii U will be much cheaper to develop for, meaning that publishers could go out and make games on the system in Japan, where console gaming isn't as popular.

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You guys are crazy. I have tons of games not from Nintendo. Wii was different(I only have Nintendo games, but I bought at least 10 throughout the lifcycle by others like No More Hereoes, etc.), but I have more 3rd party games available on my Wii U than first party, like many others that actually have a Wii U and know what's going on.
The fact is that Wii U is stronger than Xbox 360 and PS3. Move on. It's easier for devs to get 1080p, 60fps, better visuals, better audio, and add more Gameplay. All we've been getting are ports of last gen games, like other consoles have had in the past. In PS2 case, they were actually porting PS2 games backwards to PS1 for years. WTF. Even Xbox 360 had ports.
The fact is, Wii U is next gen, and it literally hasn't had much chance to show that from launch games. First, everyone was saying it's not gonna get Unreal Engine 4, and now it probably won't. That's a pointless argument, unless companies actually do dislike Nintendo.
I knew Unreal Engine 4 would make it to Wii U the whole time, just not as EFFECTIVELY as the other next gen consoles.
I understand Wii U won't be as powerful, but that doesn't mean it's weak. People actually think Wii U was weaker than PS3 and Xbox 360 and argue. That's exactly how uninformed these discussions are.

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I'll just throw in the gamer-held wisdom that games are what sell a console on this very line, but anyway...

moomoo wrote:

@FOREST_RANGER What makes the whole situation worrisome is that the 3rd parties that did jump on the Wii U train early on were greeted with incredibly poor sales numbers. 1.2 games per unit at launch is about as abysmal as it gets.

That is a worrisome situation (and a big one), but I'd like to see what's going on from an aerial-view. It looks like many of those games were ports targeting the PS360 demographic with select Wii U exclusives in between. That doesn't sound like enough to convince consumers and especially the demographic who are comfortable with what the competition offers which is made possible by the third-parties' relationship to the platform holders in addition to the high sales numbers of the consoles. Had Nintendo somehow strengthened their relationship with the content creators during the Wii era (i.e. increased specs, better online, going berserk and actually changing their identity, etc.), their current conditions would have likely been better. But, as probably implied by now, Nintendo didn't make enough efforts to quickly reverse the situation.

Now, like other typical console launches, we should give the Wii U some time especially since Nintendo didn't have the best standing with the content creators in the past. But it's not like we can't worry because, like pointed out, the launch games sold horribly. But I still have some confidence that the company will do well in the end. I'm sure Sony and Microsoft will have to temporarily compete with their own previous platforms since they're well developed (and it doesn't help that Sony broke compatibility with the PS3 that can impact some potential buyers' decision, even with the option for cloud streaming). Nintendo has some IP known to the general public, and can help them boost the system sales.

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Boy did I butcher the last few words from my original idea D:

What I meant to say (to add a bit more solidity to my confidence) is that Nintendo seems determined to be on friendlier terms with the third-parties. They've made a more hospitable development environment for the developers (at least for the indies). They've vastly improved their online infrastructure and facilitated a better online-market environment overall from the Wii and the 3DS. It's not great that the first few titles sold poorly, but that shouldn't stop the company from trying to get the console to more households. Holistically, they want to solidify their relationships with the content creators. And if Nintendo manages to push much more consoles for this holiday season, that could make the platform more attractive to third parties. This may be especially important when the competition will have to make huge transitions toward their next platforms for both consumers and developers, such as temporarily competing with their predecessors and their mature game library.

So, yeah. I have some confidence in the system. I understand that it isn't easy for others to have confidence in Nintendo, but I like to try being positive

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