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New Super Mario Bros. U 9.2
The prime New Super Mario Bros. experience. If not, the prime 2D Mario experience.
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 8.5
A solid fighting game that gets more rewarding, the more you dig deep with every mode, character, stage, and strategy.
F-zero 8.2
All of it is great. Nothing in specific. Its just really fun to play F-Zero, even though there is no multiplayer.
Game and Wario 8.2
Plenty of small games wrapped up into 1. Playing this game, you can see the developers took their time to make some great dual screen experiences. And at $40, its a steal.
Kirby's Adventure 8.0
Not everyone can enjoy Kirby, as this is a classic point of."Its not about the destination, its about the journey". Progressing is very fun, seeing abilities, and showing them off at different stages.
Super Metroid 7.7
Stunning, the best I can compare it to, is The Last of Us. It makes you feel in-depth. The combat is fun, and it was designed with thought. But you are bound to get stuck at some point.
Punch Out 7.7
A test of reflexes, is what this is. If you want to test your reflexes, look no further than Punch Out.
Nintendo Land 7.5
No one tries to nail "Fun" and "detail" more than Nintendo Land's dev team. All of the games have a feeling of fun, challenge, and addictiveness. If you decided not to buy the Deluxe Wii U, you made a mistake, because of this game alone.
Yoshi 7.3
A "drop down puzzler" similar to Tetris. Its not too much, but this game is addictive, even if it doesn't try that hard at it.
Trine 2 6.8
It looks astounding, it feels great. Unfortunately there is a cheap mechanic in the game that makes the game feel slightly broken. Leveling up has little to point/choice.
Wii Street U 6.7
It feels nostalgic, but only for a short amount of time. It doesn't have too much justification on why its in the eShop, and why it should be worth money.
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper 6.4
The Samurai Tecmo Koei games are not fitting for everyone. It can feel like button-mashine/unrewarding, and it can get repetitive. If you get past that, WO3H can be great for its dynamic approaches with characters, stages, and story.
Balloon Fight 6.4
Its very simple, and outdated by iOS games.
Scribblenauts Unlimited 6.0
Open World Scribblenauts doesn't work. Solutions are too generic, you forget how you completed it. This game can only please you for a few seconds. If you can find ways to reminisce on your creativity, it might be worth a buy.
Donkey Kong 5.7
The NES game hasn't aged well
Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth 5.5
Too simplistic for a fighting game. Even though it looks nice, Avengers isn't much of a game, because of the simple, and forgetable combat.
James Bond Legends 4.5
This is ugly. Its barely Bond, the gamepad use is pretty bad, stealth takes a back seat in this game. Its a real step back from Goldeneye. Multiplayer is its pure saving grace luckily. MP is still fun, even if the maps feel too large and open.

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New Super Mario Bros. U (8.5) Very fun, but no new stuff from previous games. I was still fun, but could have been a bit more unique.
New Super Luigi U (9) Very very fun, just as NSMBU, a lot of the same obstacles, but I still enjoyed it a bit more than NSMBU.
Pikmin 3 (9.5) Great gameplay, great story, great characters. I love this game. What makes it a 9.5 instead was the Pikmin. They're AI was a bit too "stupid". I think it could have been done better.

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New Super Mario Bros. U - 8/10

New Super Luigi U - 9/10

NintendoLand - 8/10

Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition - 8/10

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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Looking at the Wii U Box - 7/10
Gazing down at the box art for NSMB,U, Nintendo Land & Zombi U - 10/10 Seriously, the Wii U box art is beyond pretty.



New Super Mario Brothers U - (8.0) - Very good game but nothing new for wiiu version

NBA2k13 - (7.0) - Good game bad port.

Sonic allstar racing transformed - (8.5) - The best version without fps spikes that could be found on ps3 and pc

Darksiders 2 - (7.5) - Solid game, not the best version.

Nfs Most Wanted U - (9.0) - arcadesim mix, very good and fun game to play, worth every £

Pikmin 3 - (9.5) - Super fun rts game, must have imo.

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Oh yeah, I forgot...
Nintendo Land (9) - A great single- and multiplayer "party" game for you and your friends!

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Zombi U - 9.5. A masterpiece.
NSMB U N Luigi U - 8.5 Beautiful on the game pad.
Arkham City: AE - 9.5, sweet, great use of the game pad
NBA 2K13 - 7. Boring, still nice.
Bit Trip Runner 2 - 7.5, good game, not as good as the originals
Trine 2 - 7.5, beautiful, controls could be better
Zen Pinball 2 - didn't master yet
Nintendo Land - 8 - solid mini games
Little Inferno - 8 - very interesting concept
Nano Assault Neo - 8, gorgeous but short
Rayman App - fun
Lego City Undercover, Assassin Creed III, Darksiders 2, Scribblenauts, Injustice, Mass Effect 3 - currently playing
VC's not counted

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Nintendo Land - 7/10 - Lightyears ahead of what I was expecting, it's actually a bit of fun with some friends over. Even in single-player, it's pretty enjoyable in short bursts.

Scribblenauts Unlimited - 9/10 - Probably the best Scribblenauts, nothing that new or innovative though, just good fun. The main problem I had with it wasn't the game's fault really, it was just that typing with one hand left only one hand to hold the gamepad, which got incredibly old very fast. I know, I know "Just put the gamepad on your knee or something". That might be fine for some people, but as for me, it just doesn't feel like any way I want to play a video game.

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NSMBU 8.5 Great game, best 2D Mario since Yoshi's Island. Bland presentation though and doesn't do much new.
Call of Duty BO 7 Man I tried Call of Duty finally and just found it dull.
Zombi U 8 Game has some issues but it is undoubtly unique and mega fun!
Batman AC 9 Stunning in every way.
NintendoLand 8.5 Loads of fun
Luigi U 8.5 So much fun just looking for Luigi in every level! Even my girlfriend gets in on it. Great challenge too but little over the NSMB style by now.
Bit Trip Runner 2 9 Man do I love this game!
Sonic Racing Transformed 8.5 Really good super pretty too!

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WaveBoy wrote:

Looking at the Wii U Box - 7/10
Gazing down at the box art for NSMB,U, Nintendo Land & Zombi U - 10/10 Seriously, the Wii U box art is beyond pretty.

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Nintendoland: 6,5 it was fun for a while and quite enjoyable in the singleplayer, but I hate the games that you MUST play with someone else, they can at least do a bit of effort and add sims/bots (my friends don't game sigh)

Assassins Creed: 3/10 I felt like it was boring as hell

Pikmin 3: 9/10 great game, great gameplay, charming graphics, fantastic soundtrack but way too short

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Warriors Orochi 3: 8/10

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: 9/10

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes: 7/10

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Tank Tank Tank: 6/10... fun or not in short spurts.. depending on what your expecting.. 10/10 if you are expecting a beautifully done Arcade Game in every since of the Word.. Also makes a great party game...

Donkey Kong VC: 6/10.. it's fun and challenging.. the way a arcade game should be.. but seems a little buggy that leads to cheap deaths.. and frankly the whole concept of not being able to go down at all or you die.. while okay once you get used to it.. is infuriating sometimes..

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Nintendo Land: 9/10
New Super Mario Bros. U: 8/10
Scribblenauts Unlimited: 7/10
Pikmin 3: 9.6/10
Tank! Tank! Tank!: 1/10

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Batman Arkham City 94%
ZombiU 83%
Injustice Gods Among Us 80%
Fifa 13 78%
Assassin's Creed 3 82%
Sonic &Sega All Stars Racing Transformed 90%
Darksiders 2 76%
Resident Evil Revelations 72%
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 84%
New Super Luigi U 90%
Lego City Undercover 92%
Pikmin 3 90%
Nintendo Land 78%
Mass Effect 3 86%
Just Dance 4 80%
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 80%

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