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Sonic Allstars (7)
Ninja Gaiden (6.5)
Call of Duty (7)
Monster Hunter 3 (9)
Darksiders (8)
Batman (7.5)
Assasins Creed (8)
Nintendo Land (7)

Trine 2 (8)
Puddle (6)
Chasing Aurora (6)
Little Inferno (6.5)
Nano Assault (7)

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astros75 wrote:

I love these type of topics, great job @PK_Wonder ! Maybe you can make a similar list for the 3ds, I've been playing a lot more on that little piece of 3D awesomeness, lol.

I'm the same. Until a lot more software comes to the Wii U, the 3DS and PC are my main systems right now. buuut, I just don't have time with work + girlfriend + gaming to keep up with another ongoing forum project like this, so if anyone wants to take this idea and apply it to the 3DS library, by all means, go for it!

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New Super Mario Bros. U 8.0
Nintendo Land 9.0
Lego City Undercover 9.3
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 6.0
Batman Arkham City Armored Edition 2.5
Sonic Racing Transformed 8.0
Scribblenauts Unlimited 6.0
Just Dance 4 2.5
Skylanders Giants 7.0

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New Super Mario Bros. U 8.5
Zombi-U 9.5
Nintendo Land 7.0
Monster Hunter 3 Ulti 9.5

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Nintendoland: 9

Little Inferno: 7
Nano Assault Neo: 7
Puddle: 6
Trine 2: 5
Zen Pinball 2: 8
Tank Tank Tank: 7
The Cave: 1
Chasing Aurora: 7
Toki Tori 2: 8

Balloon Fight: 7
F-zero: 8
Punch Out!: 9

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Balloon Fight 8
Very fun. Old game but in my opinion it hasn't aged at all. Works just as well as it used to.

Chasing Aurora 6
I have only played the single player mode, so my rating is based solely on that.
It's ok, but gets monotonous after a while. I guess the multiplayer would raise the score by 1-3 points.

Darksiders II 7.5
Solid game. If the combat would be more enjoyable I would give it 8. The world seems to be huge. I like finding lots of treasures. There is a sense of nice wonder when the player first gets into the "open world" but I don't quite like the overall style of the game. I don't like the idea of Death being an overly muscular goth metalhead. I really love the idea of the Four Horsemen from the Bible, but all the other mythological vinkingesque stuff isn't what I enjoy much.

F-Zero 9
Without a doubt one of the best racers around. The controls are absolutely perfect. In my opinion, the F-Zero series never needed any kinds of "improvements" over this. I love how there's only the essential things on screen. It's easy to follow the road and there are no distractions in form of shiny graphics.

Lego City Undercover 9.5
Nearly perfect game. I would give it a 10 if the loading times were smaller. I'd also love to see a Lego game where the whole world is made of Legos, but it's something that is probably impossible to do with today's technology.
I have to say that I haven't liked the previous Lego games almost at all, but I'm absolutely pleasantly surprised by this.

Mass Effect 3 3.5
I probably get lots of hate for this, but I didn't like this game at all. I'd like to give it even lower score but I have to give it credit for being well programmed and having working graphics and all that. As a GAME, though, it didn't please me at all. I had some hopes for this game but I ended up being completely disappointed. I didn't like the combat, I didn't like the world, the characters didn't interest me at all, I couldn't care less about the story. I love good sci-fi but this is throughoutly the most boring type of sci-fi there is.
The only things I enjoyed was creating the character and the blue glow that was on the Gamepad screen.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition 8
Very good puzzle platformer. Not the best there has ever been, but an enjoyable experience.

Nano Assault Neo 9
Fantastic arcade shooter!

New Super Mario Bros. U 9.5
The best 2D Mario since Super Mario World.

Nintendo Land 9
For my own surprise, I even enjoyed the Octopus Dance.
I was really surprised by how addictive Pikmin Adventure was.
I'd love to have more attractions though.

Punch-Out!! 9.5
Still amazingly great game!
I'd love to give it a 10 but I feel I can't...

Tank! Tank! Tank! 7
I've played only the single player mode. It was surprisingly fun. It's nowhere near as boring as people say it is.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 8
Good Tekken game. I would've loved to unlock characters instead of having over 40(?) to instantly choose, but I guess that's not what the Tag Tournament series is about. I also feel the menu has too much things to choose. I'm not much into the modern style of games having menus and options that feel bigger than some old Atari games. The game itself is fun though. The way Nina shakes her juggs is bonus

Toki Tori 2 9.5
Excellent! Really addictive puzzle platformer with some of the most enjoyable puzzles in the history of puzzle games.
The whole game is made with amazing attitude. I love how the game doesn't explain anything. The player has to figure out everything on his/her own.

Zen Pinball 2 8
Very good pinball game. I have only the Mars and Paranormal tables but both were fun to play.

ZombiU 9.5
I'm not much into first person games, but this one is excellent. The Gamepad is perfect in this game and I love the way the game makes me feel that every single zombie is a real threat and it makes me proceed slowly through the surroundings. I don't like games where it's all about running through rooms and corridors and then forgetting everything I've just seen. This game makes the areas well known to the player because it's necessary to proceed carefully and to find items and ammo.



Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - 9.5
Lego City Undercover - 9.2
NFS Most Wanted U - 9.0
Mass Effect 3 - 9.0
New Super Mario Bros U - 8.8
Zombi U - 8.5
Ninja Gaiden 3 - 8.5
Nintendo Land - 8.5
Nano Assault Neo - 8.0
Trine 2 - 8.0
Zen Pinball 2 - 8.0
COD Black Ops 2 - 8.0

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Nintendo Land: 8.5
NSMBU: 7.5
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: 7.5

F-Zero: 8
Super Mario World: 8.5
Super Metroid: 9
Kirby's Adventure: 7.5
Megaman: 7.5
Super Mario Bros. 2: 7.5
Balloon Fight: 6

...I really need more Wii U games.

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New Super Mario Bros U : 9.5 best entry in the "new" series thus far. even though it is more of the same, it's level design, boss battles and crisp visuals make the title a must own. it's also pretty challenging.

Nintendo Land : 9.0 : A great mini game collection that a ton of charm and appeal towards every gamer. The games are fun, the prizes are nostalgia inducing and the intergration of Miiverse is what make this titls superb.

Lego City: Undercover : 9.3 : I must admit, I was surprised by this game. Going in, I didn't expect much. I just bought it because I figured the exploration would bring something fresh and new to my Wii U library. But throughout the adventure, this game really floored me with its visuals, dialogue, depth, customization and gigantic open world. The finakle is truly epic.

Rayman Legends Challenge App : 8.0 : Though technically not a game but a mode of a full game that SHOULD have been released in the launch window, The Rayman Challenge App is a fun, interactive app that connects me to players worldwide and gives me tough as nails challenges. On top of that it gives you the three demo levels we've seen already and lets us play it indefinitely. Great app and all's bitter sweet. we really should've gotten this game ages ago and it's not enough to give me the satisfaction of having the full game. Though the delay wont stop me from getting the game when it releases, I can't help but feel a little disappointed every time I boot the game up.

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Super mario 7
Nintendo land 8
Zombie u 9
Lego city 10



iphys wrote:

Nintendo Land 6.0
Nano Assault Neo 8.5
Little Inferno 7.5
Puddle 8.0
Zen Pinball 2 9.0
Balloon Fight 6.5
F-Zero 5.5
Punch-Out!! 9.0

Played more games now:
Kirby's Adventure 7.5
Super Metroid 5.0
Tank! Tank! Tank! (DL) 6.0
Rayman Legends Challenges App 8.5
Trine 2 8.0
Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2 8.5
SMB2 8.0
Super Mario World 8.5

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SCAR392 wrote:

Nintendo Land = 8.5
New Super Mario Bros. U = 8.5
ZombiU = 5.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops II = 7.0
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed = 8.5
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition = 8.5
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate = 8.0
Lego City Undercover = 9.0
Nano Assault Neo = 7.5
Mighty Switch Force HD Edition = 7.0
Bit.Trip Runner 2 = 8.0
Balloon Fight = 6.0
Punch Out!! = 7.0
F-Zero = 7.0

I like all the games I have quite a bit. I do take into consideration the price somewhat, too.
ZombiU has been worthless to me as of yet, because I fell victim to a glitch that made me start completely over and I haven't touched it since, but it's a pretty good game.

I've changed some of my scores. Sonic is raised by 1 point since they fixed bugs via update, ZombiU has been lowered by 2 points, because the glitch mentioned was BS, and I just died a few minutes ago from a different glitch, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been lowered by .5 points, because I played online and didn't like it much, and Nintendo Land has been raised by .5 points, because I've been playing it with my bro, lately.
Injustice = 8.0
Rayman Challenges App = 6.0
Kirby's Adventure = 6.5
Super Mario World = 7.5
Super Mario Bros. 2 = 7.5
Super Metroid = 8.0
The possibly disagreeable ratings of VC, are mainly because I've played them tons of times. Rayman was cool for 30 minutes, but there wasn't much else besides the 3 levels.


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Nintendo Land : 8
Fun for multiplayer and the asymmetric multiplayer is worth experiencing for its uniqueness. Put a lot of time into DK's Crash course and Mario Chase.

Assassin's Creed 3: 8.5
Some parts were fantastic and other parts were less so. Wasn't a fan of the chase sections at all.

Need for Speed Most Wanted: 9
Lots of fun but I'm biased because I love racing games. Probably my favourite genre. Only downside is the loading times which are a tad too long but it makes up for it with a fast and cool arcade-ish racing game. Fantastic with off-TV play.

New SMB U: 7.5
I'm probably being too harsh but I didn't enjoy this as much as the other games I have. Was very short and not very challenging. The extra challenges were good but there's no way to compare your scores in-game so there doesn't seem much point to it. The visuals were good but the best points, like the starry night level, were few and far between. MiiVerse integration was awesome but wasn't enough to make it memorable. Of all of the New SMB titles this was the one I've had the least fun with.

Nano Assault Neo: 8
I had fun with this, nothing much else to say. It's short but there is reason to replay levels chasing scores. Worth the money if you're considering it but don't expect anything you haven't seen before.

Little Inferno: 7
It's good but I don't really understand why and I'm not sure if it was worth the money........

Trine 2: 7.5
It's fun even if it's a bit buggy. Sometimes you solve a puzzle but are 100% sure that you've actually done it wrong. Even with that I played it through to the end and enjoyed it. I felt like I got my money's worth with this one.

Rayman Legends Challenges App: 9
It's free AND fantastic....

Balloon Fight: 6
Fun but we got the 50Hz version. It's ridiculously slow

Kirby's Adventure: 8
I've played this too many times to count. It's really easy but I don't think I care

Super Mario World: 9
I've played this more than I've played Kirby. I had more fun with this than I had with New SMB U

F-Zero: 7.5
It's fast although it does show the weakness of the Gamepad's streaming tech. Not sure if I would pay full price for it but it was well worth the 30c

Punch-Out: 8.5
I'm surprised how much fun I had with this

Super Metroid: 9
Having lots of fun with this. Lots of exploration and they nailed the balance between being hard but not too hard that you have to cry for help on the internet. Very satisfying when you work out how to get past a point you couldn't get past before.

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Metal_Sonic wrote:

NSMBU- 8.5/10
Nintendo Land- 9/10
Sonic Racing Transformed- 9/10
Trine 2- 7/10
The Cave- 8/10
Zen Pinball 2- 8.5/10 (This would be higher, but the process of purchasing tables drops it a notch)
Nano Assault Neo- 8/10
Mighty Switch Force HD- 9/10
Balloon Fight- 6/10
F-Zero- 7/10
Punch Out- 8/10

I've decided to update this as I've played more games.
Batman AC-10/10
Kirby's Adventure-5/10
Super Metroid-9.5/10

Never Gonna Give Mew Up!

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1) New Super Mario Bros. U = 8.5

  • Great platforming and perfect controls (as always)
  • Loses some points for releasing only a few months after NSMB 2

2) Nintendo Land = 8.0

  • Addictive mini-games, particularly when playing with friends
  • Far more extensive than Wii Sports
  • Could have benefited from online multiplayer

3) Assassin's Creed 3 = 8.0

  • Naval battles and free-running through trees are a lot of fun
  • Great variety of weapons and assassination techniques
  • Cumbersome homesteading system/fast travel system and too many boring side quests/collectibles
  • Pacing issues and disappointing ending

4) Call of Duty: Black Ops II = 8.5

  • Interesting story with branching paths
  • Completely customizable multiplayer layout
  • Best maps since Modern Warfare 2
  • Gameplay is essentially the same as it's been for the past 5 years

Rayman Legends Challenge App = 9.0

  • New challenges every day
  • Great mix of simple and difficult challenges
  • Incredibly tight platforming
  • FREE!
  • Not a substitute for the actual game

Balloon Fight = 5.0

  • Fun for about 10 minutes...
  • ...and then it's not

F-Zero = 7.5

  • Good controls and gameplay
  • Repetitive after a little while

Kirby's Adventure = 8.5

  • Old-school Kirby (read: actual difficulty progression)
  • Frame-rate issues

Super Metroid = 9.0

  • Fun exploration and gameplay
  • Great pacing and great bosses




Kirby's Adventure gets a LIGHT KIRBY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT / 10

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Assassins Creed III - 9
Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition - 10
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 7
Darksiders II - 8.5
Injustice: Gods Among Us - 8
Kirbys Adventure - 6.5
Mass Effect 3 Special Edition - 10
Need for Speed: Most Wanted U - 8
New Super Mario Bros. U - 9
Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge - 9.5
Nintendo Land - 8
Rabbids Land - 6.5
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - 9.5
Super Metroid - 10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition - 7.5
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper - 6.5
ZombiU - 8



ZombiU - 9/10
Black ops II - 8.5/10
Lego City - 9/10
Need for speed - 8/10
Super Mario Bros 2 - 6/10
Kirbys Adventure - 4/10
Balloon fight - 5/10
NSMBU - 6/10
Little Inferno - 8/10
Tekken - 5/10

Ill no doubt update this as and when i get new games.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 8.5/10
Lego City Undercover 9/10
Injustice:Gods Among Us 8/10

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ZombiU - 8,5
NintendoLand - 8
Monster Hunter 3U - 9
Trine 2 - 8
Zen Pinball 2 - 8
Super Metroid - 9

Praise the Sun, and Mario too.


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