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Zombiu 8-10
NSMBU 9-10
Monster hunter 3 ultimate 10-10
super scribblenauts 7-10
little inferno 5-10

so far the games have been really good, it's just that the time between getting new titles is whats making it gather dust for me. But with MH3U I doubt my Wii U will see dust in a very long time

back to the hunt!

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AbeVigoda wrote:

Lego City 9.5/10

I'm curious to why you gave it a 9.5. Would you recommend it to someone who's not a fan of the sandbox genre?

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Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition - 10
Nintendo Land - 7
New Super Mario Bros. U - 8
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - 8
Scribblenauts Unlimited - 7
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth - 2
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - 4
Sing It! - 3



Chrono_Cross wrote:

AbeVigoda wrote:

Lego City 9.5/10

I'm curious to why you gave it a 9.5. Would you recommend it to someone who's not a fan of the sandbox genre?

The only Lego game I've played besides this was a Star Wars one on the 360, and I thought that was good. Saw this one in the store, played the demo for a few minutes and thought it looked decent, and figured for $50 if I didn't want to play it my girlfriend could. Turns out I was blown away by how good it is! I don't know if thats because I had such low expectations, but its a lot of fun. Its not hard at all, and on scale of 1-5 (5 being very difficult) I would give it a 2, but the story/voice acting/writing is suprisingly good and the graphics are excellent. Some slowdown once in a while when there is a lot of stuff going on, but its not bad and not game breaking, and the lengthly load times most reviewers complained about only happen once every hour or so. The world is huge, and the individual story missions are very creative and unique. Lots of simple puzzles and switching character types to access different areas. If you like collecting things and unlockables, this game is really good. Lots of side missions to do after you are finished with the main ones, and you can always go back and replay them again after getting new character abilities so you can access previously inaccessable things.

I owned GTA 4 and after I finished the main story missions I had no desire to do complete the other tasks or look for those hidden birds or whatever they were, but with this one I feel compelled to find everthing haha. Its an open world game, but each of the main missions usually take place indoors or in an environment thats seperate from the "over world" so that keeps things fresh. I dunno, it will come down to your own personal preference I guess, but I went from not being very interested in the game a few days before it was released to loving it once I bought it.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 8.5
Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed: 8

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Nintendo Land: 8
ZombiU: 7

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It's fun but there's not that much to do in the game unless you're really challenging yourself to COMPLETELY 100% the game (which I'm trying to do since I only have two games for my Wii U so far lol)

ZombiU has scared me at times but it is extremely repetitive and I don't really find myself playing for more than an hour at a time because I get bored.
Right now I was in the part in Brick Lane Flats where you go to the house with a party, and there was a door that you needed a passcode to get through. I searched around for it and I couldn't find it, then fell down a vent and it took me like 15, long, boring minutes just to get back to where I was....
after that I had no interest in playing more for today and I often feel like that every time I play and do nothing for long periods of time.

Also, the multiplayer for ZombiU sucks...especially with a wii remote and nunchuck. It's a little bit more bearable with a pro controller but it's still absolutely awful after one game.

Still need to get some new games...

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Nintendoland - 8
Darksiders II - 7,5
New super mario bros u - 9
Mass effect - 9
Mighty switch force - 8,5
Trine 2 - 8
Nano assault neo - 8



NSMBU- 8.5/10
Nintendo Land- 9/10
Sonic Racing Transformed- 9/10
Trine 2- 7/10
The Cave- 8/10
Zen Pinball 2- 8.5/10 (This would be higher, but the process of purchasing tables drops it a notch)
Nano Assault Neo- 8/10
Mighty Switch Force HD- 9/10
Balloon Fight- 6/10
F-Zero- 7/10
Punch Out- 8/10

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I'm surprised Tekken has just been getting 7 ratings. I think it's the best fighting game I've ever played besides Smash Bros. The gameplay is really deep, and the presentation(graphics, audio) is near perfect IMO.
Sonic has gotten WAY getter since the update.


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Nintendo Land 8.5/10
New Super Mario Bros U 8/10
Need for Speed Most Wanted U 9/10
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 8/10
Lego City Undercover 8/10 - Haven't played much.

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Nintendo Land 9/10
New Super Mario Bros U 7.5/10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 8/10
Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge 7/10
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 9.5/10
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper 7/10
ZombiU 8.5/10

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Nintendo Land 9
Sonic ASRT 8.5
Tekken TT2 9
Tank! Tank! Tank! 7.5
FIFA 13 8
Batman AC 9
Need For Speed Most Wanted U 8.5 ( score has been changed upwards)

Retail downloads:

Rabbids Land 6
Marvel Avengers: BFE 6
Your Shape FE 2013 7
Just Dance 4 7


Zen Pinball 2 9
Mighty SF HD 8.5
Trine 2 8.5
The Cave 8
Puddle 7.5
Nano Assault Neo 7.5
Little Inferno 8.5
Chasing Aurora 7
Punch Out!! 7
F-Zero 8

I hope I haven't missed anything.

Now also LEGO City Undercover 9/10


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Nintendo land = 8.3
Call of duty black ops 2 = 9.4
Sonic and all stars racing transformed = 7.6
Ballon fight = 8.2



9/10 Nintendo Land (free with console)
9/10 Assassin's Creed III (60% sale)
8/10 ZombiU (50% sale)
8/10 TANK! TANK! TANK! (free trial + DLC, 80% sale on one mode)

9/10 Little Inferno
9/10 The Cave
9/10 Zen Pinball 2 (free trial + DLC)
8/10 Trine 2 - Director's Cut (sale)
8/10 Chasing Aurora (sale)
8/10 Nano Assault NEO
8/10 Puddle (sale)
8/10 Mighty Switch Force - Hyper Drive Edition (sale)

10/10 F-Zero (30c)
9/10 Balloon Fight (30c)
9/10 Punch-Out!! (30c)

Normally I would rate a few games a bit lower but with prices cut down to 50% and more, free to play trials, and games for 30 cents I had to re-rate quite a bit to be fair.

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I'm not all tat fond of numerical review scores, however I will write out a short opinion on what I've played so far.

Trine 2
In a word, "lovely". The art style is one of the best you're probably ever to see. A vast improvement over the previous Trine.
The combat is fairly simple but some of the puzzles will certainly test your wits. Good implementations of the touchscreen too.

Little Inferno
Fun for 5-10 minutes but there's better puzzle games to play.
Not worth £9.

Nano Assault Neo
I really want to like this more than I actually do. I loved Super Stardust HD on the PS3 and this game reminds me of that but it's just not quite as great as SSHD.
Judged on it's own merits, it's a very good arcade shooter and I recommend it to anybody that's into these kinds of games.

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Nintendo Land 7/10
Batman: Arkham City Armored Addition 9.5/10
NSMBU 8.5/10
Sonic and Allstars RT 5/10
Madden 13 7/10
F-Zero VC 7/10

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Sega Super Star Racing Transformed: 8
ZombiU: 8
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2: 7 (would of been lower if it was not for zombies mode)
FIFA 13: 5 (worst version I have played looked all blurred and did not feel right. PS Vita version is so much better than it in every way.)

That is all I have played on the Wii U since I got it in December :/. I may get Lego City once its cheaper and I know its bad from what I hear. But I might get Walking Dead when it is under £10.



Nintendo Land - 10
New Super Mario Bros. U - 9

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Hey everyone! The rankings are finally updated, up to Metal_Sonic's ratings/mudjo's addition of a Lego City rating. and congratulations to Nintendo Land, it's the first game to hit 30 rankings (NSMBU is almost there). I'll update the rest after work tomorrow.

Also, I'm really surprised there's only one ranking for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (up to the point I've updated anyway). Anybody else out there want to pitch in?

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I love these type of topics, great job @PK_Wonder ! Maybe you can make a similar list for the 3ds, I've been playing a lot more on that little piece of 3D awesomeness, lol. Here are the few games I've played so far

Nintendo Land - 8.5
NewSMB WiiU - 8.7
ZombiU - 7.8

Little Inferno - 8.8
Trine 2 - 7.6
Puddle - 7.2

Ballon Fight, F-Zero & Punch Out are classics that I wont bother rating but I should be getting Batman, Lego & Need for Speed soon

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