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I had a lot of time for the Wii U. I got it autumn 2014 and had had a great time with the Wii previously. However, I also got an Xbox 360 a couple of years earlier and for a system that was 9 (9!) years old by the time I got a Wii U, the 360 was much slicker in a lot of ways than the Wii U!

I remember getting the Wii U and struggling to connect it to the internet. I was so annoyed; how could a brand new system not connect to wireless? The Wii had no problem. I think that kind of influenced a lot of my attitude to the Wii U, which admittedly is a bit silly.

However, there really is a disparity between the way the system handles some games. Darksiders 2 was great, but crashes frequently, so much so that I gave up on it )and can play it on Xbox One now), Lego Avengers just seems to run slow. However, first party games are excellent (Yoshi’s Woolly world is what I’m playing at the moment).

In the end I have 80 odd physical games for the system, plus a healthy virtual console library and if one sticks to first party games (which are nearly all superb and run well) and select 3rd party games, it is a solid machine. However, as much as I love it’s underdog status, it isn’t in the same league as the Xbox (and I’m guessing PlayStation).

‘You swapped those 3 games for Pokemon Stadium? Where’s your pride? You’re dignity?!?

‘....I traded it for a Pikachu...’


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