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Not sold on the controller and they didn't really show any games, so I can't say I'm excited for it yet. I'm still hoping, but it looks like Nintendo's just playing catch up.

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I see a lot of potential here, but it could also be screwed up quite easily. My primary concern is the comfort of the controller; I'm not really digging the tablet-like design. The buttons and circle pads look so small and awkwardly-placed. I'll reserve proper judgment until I try it myself, but at the moment I'm cautiously optimistic.

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I'm not to worried about the comfort factor of the WiiU since I know that it is backward compatible with the Wii remotes and all. Plus, I'm not going to be a downer as I shall reserve judgment until I've actually tried it myself. Nevertheless, from what I saw at and read in the reviews at this is one revolutionary and unique experience and I'm excited about trying it out!

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Swiket wrote:

Now I can play when my mommy wants to watch Oprah!

Thanks Nintendo!

Except Oprah is no longer on the air

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Theres another developer round table tomorrow which should be about wii u


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This system... man I was pretty thrown off when I first saw it................ as in "oh crap that looks awful... its just an ipod/wii thing."
But then They started showing things.... still cringing.

then HOPE.

Saw all the 3rd party support, the mention of SSB sequel (for 3DS too> oh yeah!)
and honestly thinking more on it, nintendo is really smart.

I mean look at it this way. They wanted to get the hardcore gamers back right? Well they now have the 3rd party support.
And they also can welcome even new gamers (the casual, tablet/ipod/ipad/android gamers).

so in a way, the next system could be what finally brings the whole Hardcore/casual thing to an end, where we can all live together and play games and not argue.... lol who am I kidding. (i honestly can't stand the Hardcore/casual thing though lol)

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I'll never be able to afford the dang thing so I don't really care to get all hyped up about it... They are going to make a killing off of people buying a second controller they can't come cheap.

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I'm still amazed at how there are people saying the "Oh, Nintendo's WiiU system is on par with the 360/PS3." because that's BS and there's no way Nintendo would do something that stupid. Obviously it'll be much more powerful and plus, it'll have the combination of motion control and touch screen technology to make many games feel even more realistic or just enhance the experiences. Either way, Nintendo almost always dominates so haters can shut up.



briunj04 wrote:

Swiket wrote:

Now I can play when my mommy wants to watch Oprah!

Thanks Nintendo!

Except Oprah is no longer on the air

That's nice to hear, the fat frog is probably bathing in a swamp full of money as we speak.
Anyways, as for the Wii U....I watched those mini game tech demo IGN video's and the screen does seem a bit neat, especially with Hide & Seek.....But I don't know. We need to see some crazy stuff from Nintendo....That 3rd Party trailor full of those PS3-like games completely left a bad taste in my mouth....At least show how the games play differently with the controller. Even though I could care less for any of those titles.

If they had revealed a bit of footage from the new Super Smash Bros, or gave us some insane Mario tech demo people would of had more of a positive impression. I'm still mixed on the device. As long as the Wii remote/nunchuck aren't thrown on the back burner and are used for 3rd and first person titles and the like I'll be happy. But traditional controls fused with a screen is like a stepbackwards and a step forward.

I mean the entire presentation seemed so not Nintendo....A 3rd party trailer full of violent PS3-like games, A glorified super I-pad controller with no evolution in advanced motion controls just irked me, and that name....I guess i'll get used to it, But Wii U(as in Urine) is just awful.

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Splat wrote:

They are going to make a killing off of people buying a second controller they can't come cheap.

Actually, maybe not.

NintendoRepWhoseTrustabilityIsQuestionable wrote:

"Both the controller and the console will be sold as one unit. You won't be able to buy the controller alone."



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