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Though the release date is near I'm still not sure of what the role of Wii U gamepad would look like, we already saw too many trends, using the Wii U gamepad as a tablet, how to it can sync with the Wiimote to be another screen, it has minor role in some games like being the fifth controller in New Super Mario Bros. 2, or they are going to focus on using the gamepad as a second screen.


It depends on what the game developers want to do with it.



It's the main controller for the WiiU system. Just like the Wii Remote was to Wii.

It plays the role as the main controller.

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The role of the Wii U game pad is basically replace what could have been with the 3DS connectivity.
The gamecube & the Wii had GBA & DS connectivity respectively, So why not do the same thing on the Wii U with the 3DS connectivity.

The 3DS with the circle pad pro together can act as a dual analog touch screen enabled controller with built in motion sensing with expendable storage (for 3DS counterpart apps to load faster) with video streaming & also can act as a learning IR remote for your telly.
Plus it's 802.11g wi-fi module is faster than any current blutooth system meaning less latency for video feeds

The Wii U control can act as a dual analog touch screen enabled controller with built in motion sensing with Fixed storage (for Wii U control pads counterpart apps to load faster) with video streaming & also can act as a learning IR remote for your telly.
plus no bluetooth system out there is as fast as the 3DS's 802.11g wi-fi system meaning theres a disadvantage there.
plus also the it's probably cost just as much to produce as a 3DS meaning it's adding redundant cost on the consumer who also owns a 3DS.

the idea isn't bad as I like the idea ever since the the gamecube GBA connectivity just how Nintendos executed the idea is bad.
All Nintendo needed to do is to market the idea better than they did with the Gamecube & the Wii.
Produce more Ads includde built in softare that requires a 3DS connectivity & even sell Wii U/3DS bundles which is something that Nintendo never did with ether the Gamecube or the Wii.



@kawaiipikachu: So, you're asking me to buy one system to be able to play another? I don't own a 3DS, so you're asking me to buy a system that is likely to be three-quarters the cost of a Wii U just to be able to play it? That's absolutely absurd, and handheld-to-console connectivity is hardly anything new, and would not justify the Wii U as new hardware - a problem the console is already facing in its current state, and is seemingly being exacerbated by the existence of PS3/Vita cross-play as a current-gen phenomenon, though the concept of this in particular is rather illogical itself. Additionally, the Wii U GamePad, unlike the 3DS, is not an independent device - it has no isolated functionality of its own and only works in conjunction with the system, from what we've seen so far. So, your prediction that the GamePad will at least cost the same as a 3DS in manufacturing processes is rather far-fetched. Besides, the 3DS does not have all the functionalities of the Wii U GamePad, and vice versa; we hardly even know the complete specifications of the GamePad. Your proposition to use the 3DS as the Wii U's primary controller is pretty illogical, but if I remember correctly, it has been said the 3DS owners will experience certain perks with using their systems in conjunction with the Wii U - but just not at the beginning.

As for the role of the Wii U GamePad, it's the Wii U's primary controller. It consists of all the regular control options which are the control pad, D-pad, two analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and an embedded touchscreen, accompanied by a gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, a built-in microphone, HD display and near-field communication capabilities. (a very interesting potential). As to how it's used in conjunction with the system, well, that depends entirely on how the game decides to use it, and how intuitive developers can be with is presented capabilities. To fully utilise such a device to its intended potential, and not just the obvious uses the controller presents, I think developers will really need some intense out-of-the-box thinking.



Let me ask my Dad for you.

He works at Nintendo.


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Not personally won over by the concept of the wii u controller yet; some of the demo's looked neat like the golf one where you place the game pad on the ground and swing the wiimote above it and the ninja star thing looked kinda cool too; but still not sold on it yet though it at least looks better than kinnect though that's not saying much



My cat asked me 'bout the role of the GamePad too. The poor little thing is in kittie heaven now.


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