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For the record, I don't entirely agree with this article but...

The time has come. The type of Nintendo fanboy discussed in this article needs to be ostracized from the community entirely. They are making it, if not the entirety of gaming, look pathetic and I no longer consider them worthy of my time in any way. Get rid of them if you actually care about Nintendo or gaming in general.

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I don't know dude. People either goes, "3rd party games suck anyway" or "I'm not buying 3rd party games on Nintendo console because they cut some stuffs" lately. Only things that going for 3rd party and Nintendo is the exclusive games but even with the exclusive games they don't really sell well. I kinda agreed with 3rd party section of the article.

To be honest I think Nintendo should take the blame themselves instead of blaming it on the customers.

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Super_Gravy wrote:

I don't know dude. People either goes, "3rd party games suck anyway" or "I'm not buying 3rd party games on Nintendo console because they cut some stuffs" lately.

exactly. They are a problem. They are pathetic.

Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Super_Gravy wrote:

I don't know dude. People either goes, "3rd party games suck anyway" or "I'm not buying 3rd party games on Nintendo console because they cut some stuffs" lately.

exactly. They are a problem. They are pathetic.

I agreed but unfortunately I didn't buy some multi-platform 3rd party games for the Nintendo Wii or Wii U because I owned an PS3 and Xbox 360. Only the exclusive 3rd party games on the Nintendo console that I owned so far. I already got Batman Arkham City, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Trine, Trine 2, and etc on other consoles.

Nintendo Wii was the first console I got during that generation but I was disappointed that some games are only available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 such as Sonic, Resident Evil, Dynasty Warriors, and other series. Soon I got an PS3 then I stop buying 3rd party games for Nintendo Wii except for exclusive games and started buying 3rd party games for PS3 then Xbox 360 later. I used to buy 3rd party games regardless it is exclusive or not for Gamecube all the time.

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Hmmm kind of a rambling article that repeated itself way too much but yea I agree with 95% of what it says. Thanks for putting it on the forum, it was definitely worth a read! I get really defensive when people unfairly critiicize Nintendo because without them I believe the videogame industry would become so boring and lack in any innovation. However, I can't stand when the fanboys blindly defend them when they make a lot of stupid decisions. We are getting ripped off by Nintendo as far as the virtual console is concerned (both in price and variety) and while Nintendo continues to try and court the casual crowd with Mario game after generic Mario game they are selling their sole and ignoring their core fans. Nintendo only seems to innovate with their hardware these days and not with their games. Zelda hasn't been the same since Wind Waker (Link between Worlds was a positive step forward) and where Yoshi's Island changed our perception of what a sequel can be (and where a videogames can take us) New Super Mario Bros Wii/2/U gave us just enough to take our money but nothing more.

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Don't worry about what console you buy 3rd party games for. 3rd parties will get a sale from one of their games selling, regardless of platform.


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Super_Gravy wrote:

To be honest I think Nintendo should take the blame themselves instead of blaming it on the customers.

Both are to blame, Gravy.

Fun read. I agree wholeheartedly with the writer and his well thought out points.

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Also, I read the article. It literally is obsolete.

I was 9 years old when GCN, Xbox, and PS2 were the new consoles. Unless this guy still thinks it's 2001, the article literally holds no value.

Also, he's a hypocrite, because he's criticising Nintendo and Microsoft, but is praising Sony when they arguably the same ammount of flaws as their rivals.

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The article is pretty much just common sense.

Unfortunately, that will be difficult for some people to handle.

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Hey it's not my fault Nintendo make such great games that I actually only want their first party games on their consoles...


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One of the best game articles I've read in a long while. Granted, I don't agree with everything (It is pretty long after all), but I agree with most of what he says. Thanks for posting it here.

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Interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

Cringing is really fun.


I think part of the problem is that there aren't enough third party games that appeal to the Nintendo audiences. I remember until I was about 14-16, I wasn't really interested in the "mature" games that have dominated the industry for the last few gens, so I mainly stuck with Nintendo 1st party, and a handful of Sony 1st party games (the only third party games I played pretty much were Nickolodeon brand games like Spongebob). So I don't think most of the third parties are a good fit for Nintendo in the first place,

The part about fanboyism is so true, though.


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Speaking for myself, I tend to pick up games on the console that I have other games of that series in, and Nintendo is really bad at deciding to have Game: Part 4 of 6 published on their console by itself. Why would I buy Darksiders II on Wii U when I could buy both on PS3? Why would I buy Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U when I would need to play the first two on PS3?

I love 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles and will buy them when I can add them to my collection of 3rd party Nintendo games. I bought Resident Evil: Revelations for Wii U because Resident Evil has been hugely represented on Nintendo platforms. I was one of those who did buy Sands of Time on Gamecube, because the whole trilogy was on there (I picked up all 3 in 2005).

So many this is a valid criticism: If Nintendo wants me to support 3rd parties games on their console, then Nintendo needs to ensure that I don't need to own a Playstation to play them anyway.

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I agree with a lot of what that article was talking about, thanks for the link.

Anyways ts true that the reasons 3rd party games are abandoning the Wii U is because people are only buying Mario and Zelda games. Even Nintendo's own games, like Pikmin 3 and W101 sold poorly while the remake WWHD sold over a million. And people wonder why Nintendo doesn't make a new starfox or F Zero game, or new ips, its because they sell poorly. People wonder why Ubisoft is cutting support for the Wii U, its because ZombiU, AC3, AC4 and Splintercell Blacklist all sold poorly on the system. AC4 sold better on the two new systems then they did on the Wii U, despite the Wii U having a larger install base. I've said it before on this sight, you can choose to support Nintendo first party games only, but don't go complaining when 3rd parties decide the Wii U isn't worth the investment. Game development isn't cheap, and I wouldn't release a game on a system that's guaranteed to lose me money.

It should also be noted that outside of Japan, this is also the same problem Nintendo is experiencing with the 3ds, with the best selling games all being first party and third parties being discouraged from putting their games on the system. Its a real problem with the Nintendo community that needs to be addressed.



I read most of it and it seems mostly just a fanboy console war type of dialog I did find the sales numbers on those gamecube multi-platform titles to be eye opening.

He blames the poor sales of these titles on the Gamecube on Nintendo Fanboys lack of taste basically. He is saying its their poor taste for liking nintendo games only and not having wider interests.

I see his logic, but its not the fanboys fault. It's the marketing image of Nintendo at that point in time.

The gamecube wasn't cool is what it comes down to basically. Xbox was a brand. Xbox owners for one thing only had those third party multi-platform games to buy. These were people buying in to a new brand that was selling an image (and online gaming or something).

To date myself, I was in my mid 20's during that console generation, and I pretty much never even saw an xbox or a gamecube. It was all PS2 everywhere. So people buying the gamecube were buying it for the Nintendo brand so I can't blame them for buying Nintendo games. I would guess they probably also had a PS2 because pretty much everyone did. If they were on a limited budget, and could only afford one console and chose Nintendo I couldn't blame them for buying mostly Nintendo games because the ones I have played were better than the games I was playing on PS2 back then. I never had a gamecube because I never saw the need for it. Nintendo was out of my mind at that point. I skipped N64 and was envious of Nintendo exclusives but didn't have the money for a second console for just a few games. By the time gamecube was out I never even saw any marketing for Nintendo since I let my Nintendo Power subscription run out. A Nintendo Power cover in the game store was all I even knew about. I actually didn't even realize how huge the gameboy became after Tetris and Metroid 2, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Gameboy Advance. Not until DS and Wii blew up.

The Xbox brand was more about being cool and powerful and all that so people buying in to that brand are more likely to buy all those titles on their xbox because they think it is superior.

Whatever the case, looking at those sales and classifying it as the buying habits of Nintendo Fanboys and then blaming them seems silly and juvenile.

Sales on N64, well N64 didn't get games.

Sales on Wii, well these games were inferior because the console was underpowered. They had a huge install base based on Wii Sports and a casual market and budget gamers and families.

The Wii U, graphically these games are up to par but they are gimped versions. I skipped Madden simply because it was gimped and didn't buy it on any platform. Other games have gimped online and dlc and online games are going to sell better on consoles with established online gaming (a big reason 360 usually sold more copies than Ps3). My son doesn't want COD on Wii U because his friends are on Xbox. Third parties are dropping out and giving gimped versions because the install base is poor and their games don't sell anyway and it is too much work to produce a version for the console.

The case is different for each console so I don't agree with blaming it on "fanboys". Thats just a weak and lazy thing to do. Regardless the info I see shows Nintendo has been making tons more money than their competition selling gaming hardware, so I don't much see why the failures of the N64 and Gamecube matter to anyone else.

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Fanboys like that exist on all platforms. That's not the problem, they were there on every Nintendo system, both successful & unsuccessful.

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I can't force myself to read the whole article. It's just so long and uninteresting, and it just outlines the exact same points any conscious, thinking member of the Nintendo fanbase already knew about. Nintendo's reputation is a double-edged sword. It's what brings them their sales, and denies them better ones. It's why the gaming community at large seems to ignore them. The problem is, reputation is much MUCH harder to change than people seem to think.

The fans support Nintendo, and as far as Nintendo can tell, they're the only safety net their sales have. Catering to those fans is a must for the company to feel any kind of security. Because they cater to those fans, though, the console doesn't cater to the developers, and the developers aren't happy about it. They've stopped supporting Nintendo, in the last decade, and really only Ubisoft and Activision really make any effort to actually sell games on the Wii U, rather than just a pity port.

It's reached a point where Nintendo likely feels that they have to make a Nintendo box or else they'll lose what few sales they have, and honestly, do you think it would really benefit them that much, in the short-term? Sure, Capcom and EA and the like will support the Wii U, but how many people will care? "What? Nintendo box? Nah, I can get a better version on the PS4." "But the Wii U version is better." "Nah, I can get a better version on the PS4." This is how almost every conversation about a Wii U port goes with most people I meet. Even if the Wii U version has been claimed as the better one, nobody seems to care. They don't believe it, or they simply ignore it.

Reputation doesn't change overnight, and while the fans would be a start, you have to realize that it's a vicious cycle, and anywhere we can start would be an equally good start.

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A major flaw in what they are saying is working on the basis that unless a console is for "hardcore" gamers than it's bad nor does it address the actual problem of the Wii U's install base and why those sales aren't great.

Looking at my Wii U games I have 5 non-ninty games and 6 ninty published games but I have no intrest in Call Of Duty and I'm not gonna buy it for the notion of support 3rd party.

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Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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the blind fanboys are Nintendo strongest asset... the only reason the Wii U is selling at all is because of fanboys........ the 3DS is different is bought by fanboys and no fanboys alike so it gets third party support.......

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