Topic: The little plastic squares covering the screw holes on my Wii U GamePad are rubbing off. :(

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This happening to anyone else? Must be because the oils and heat from my hands and using it so often. Bummer. lol

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That's what's happening to mine. Don't worry it's not a big deal XD. What's even worse is if you have a white Wii U and the thumb sticks on the gamepad yellow.



Yeah one of mine are already off. It's not a big deal.

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One of mine is off. It sounds stupid, but I can feel it on my little finger when holding the GamePad. It actually frustrates me... :-/



Yeah I'm missing one on the back on the right hand side & it bugs me because I notice it every time I play my Wii U. Was thinking about taking a picture & asking Nintendo if they would send me out some replacement screw covers under the warranty?


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