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I love Zelda. It is one of, if not my favorite game out there of all time. Since the Wii U was announced I was roaming through websites trying to find clues about Zelda on the Wii U. I found nothing. And additionally a new Zelda game wasn't on the Launch Titles list. I wasn't pleased with this fact. But lately I found an article about an interview which indicated that the new Wii U Zelda game is going to come out in the year 2014. This makes it highly likely to be on the next E3 which we all await as we require more titles for the Wii U. This actually proves that it is a GREAT console. But anyways, I decided to make a list of what I expect from a new title considering that they worked on it for 3 years already since 2010 and they will continue until 2014 which will be another 1-2 years of waiting. My expectations; I warn you, are REALLY HIGH.

-What did we love about the highest rated Zelda game ever? The Fresh air. The game was so innovative that it changed the whole gaming industry. It was highly appealing and entertaining for that time, and still is! Even I get this feeling that games NOWADAYS don't get as much detail as Ocarina of Time.

-The game has to have something which Twilight Princess failed at having - Color. Now this is probably the least worrying thing because I know they learned from their mistakes, and made another game which demonstrated it; Skyward Sword. The game had really nice appeal, and I really liked the artwork. That painting style of textures really appealed to me and I would await nothing less from the 2014 Zelda as it is now on a full HD console.

-Of course, the game HAS to have good combat. I believe no Zelda game actually had bad combat so I wouldn't be worried about this one whatsoever. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask (My favourite Zelda Game) has excellent combat, it was fun and creative in a way for the time being. Now with newer titles like Wind Waker, Twilight princess and even Skyward Sword the combat kept improving. As much as I doubted the combat of Skyward Sword because of its Move controls I loved it afterwards. It was entertaining to me to have more challenge in swinging my sword in the right direction. Now I don't actually know how it will work with the new controller. Obviously considering the Aiming it will be like in Nintendo Land but the sword fighting is something that people have to think on. I don't imagine myself swinging the controller around like I did to the WiiMote. Unless, they actually make you use the WiiMote while on the Controller there is a menu and if you choose an item you would have to pick up the Wii U controller and start aiming. This might seem somewhat clunky but if that's the case, I think people would get used to it.

-Storyline. STORYLINE. STORYLINE!!!! STORYLINE!!!~~ MUST HAVE A GOOD STORYLINE! Again, nearly every Zelda game perfected it.....Cheers.

-Characters. Now characters actually isn't an issue at all with this game. Jeez I'm almost not worried about anything in the sequel. But this has to be better if not the same as other games; there has to be weird, creepy, scary, cute and funny characters in a Zelda game. Period. It must be balanced. A Zelda game can absolutely not have all scary characters and no weird and creepy characters. They MUST be implemented in the game, and of course faces that we know should be there such as Tingle, Maybe Agitha and so on.

-So far we have all been notified that there will be no Multiplayer but that doesn't necessarily mean that someone in your room couldn't help you. For example, in Nintendo land, if you played with a friend and he had a Wii Remote connected, he could grab ninjas with a hand that appeared on the screen when he pointed at it which would allow you to shoot him no problem. The game was Singleplayer but it still had Multiplayer activity to offer.

That would be about it, I will post here if I forgot anything and I will definitely hear people out on this if they comment. (Psst, comment!)
Tell me what you think and what are your ideas?

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